Friday, May 24, 2013

last days

Sawyer loved 1st grade.  A ton of it had to do with this fabulous lady here...
Last day of 1st grade! We love you Mrs. Ward!!

We're kind of sad to see this year end.  I mean, I'm ready to be done getting up early and packing lunches and checking homework and all that.  But the kids had a really great year in both of their classes with their friends and their teachers and it's a little bittersweet wrapping it up this year.  Especially for SJ who is now done with elementary school!!

They had an extra 4th grade send off of sorts, complete with a "diploma" that was a beautiful certificate for the completion of elementary school. 
Coen trying to stay awake for the celebration...

We are definitely ready for summer, but I still can't believe we're to the end of the school year already!!


Heidi said...

Congrats SJ and Sawyer for finishing a great school year! I'm so happy they love school. And Coen's it!
Miss you guys a ton.

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