Monday, May 27, 2013

may visitors

In the midst of the craziness that was our month of May, we got to have Ryan's younger sister and her little family here with us for something like 12 days.
This was the first time we got to meet our (then)newest cousin (my little sister had a baby while the E fam was here, so there's now a new newest we have to meet!), Paisyn.  The last time they were here visiting, Tate was the same exact age as Paisyn this time around, so it was fun to think back and compare... and to have an almost-three-year-old having fun with us this time!

We didn't do much for fun, show 'em around Nashville type stuff while they were here.  That's what happens when you have two little's naps to work around and the crazy busyness that is our last few weeks of school.  Plus our foster care life of caseworker appointments and parent visits.
Yes, poor Jenn and Greg didn't find much of a destination vacation here in Nashville with us in May.  More like, welcome to a day in the life of the Morrisons!  Such fun!!
Tate was more than happy to just stay home and play with Clementine all day though...
he kept her fed well. :)

Oh and lets not forget we were still in baseball/softball season.  Because of rained out rescheduled games, we seriously had a game every single night they were here except for two.  One of those nights was SJ's piano recital and the other was a Saturday, and we had games earlier in the day. :)

That Saturday we did get a babysitter and us grown-ups hit the town.  We went out for some yummy BBQ and went down to "the strip" to find some music and good drinks.  Gotta get your fill of Nashvegas while you're here!

We did attempt a few fun outings where we could squeeze them in...
We tried to go for a quick hike around a little lake nearby, but after we drove all the way out there, found the trails closed because of flooding. And the little playground there by the lake was literally swarming with mosquitos. Boo.

Coen and I took the visitors to the zoo one day while the big kiddos were in school. Carousel rides were a must, obviously!

We also took the crew down to Chattanooga and went to the Aquarium one Sunday afternoon and that was fun (despite almost getting swept away in a storm on the way down there and Sawyer somehow trying to slice off the top of his toe somewhere in the River Journey building).

Since our pool wasn't open yet, Ryan took all the kids down to the indoor pool we like to go to that has little kid fountains and play-structures and a big water slide, and I think everyone enjoyed that.

We already decided they'll have to come back in the summer next time when we can go to waterparks and the lake and relax and show them around town properly.  And when the kids are out of school and we don't have ball games and our pool is open. :)
Thanks for hanging in there with us guys. Miss you already and can't wait to see you again soon!!


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Jenn Eisenzimmer said...

Oh man, we had SUCH a great time visiting!! Tate is still showing everyone the video of him & Clementine playing tug-of-war aka: "the bone game." Yep, he is a big fan!

The other day I said, "mmm-hmm" to something and Tate said, "Mama, you no say "mmm-hmm." Just Aunt Heather says "mmm-hmm." You say "yep" or "sure" or "okay" or "yes, please" but you can't say "mmm-hmm" only my Aunt Heather from Nashville, OK?." Funny kid :)

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