Friday, January 25, 2013

picture picture

I want to be writing here more, really I do.
I've just been pleasantly, busily, getting stuff DONE while there are no extra little ones here. :)
Whiling away the hours between foster babies; getting caught up with the kids' school stuff, prepping for a busy baseball/softball season, finding new projects to do around the house.

Yesterday, I happily closed an album on ten years worth of Christmas pictures.  Oh, that felt good!
I previously had most of them printed out (probably from three or four years ago) as I had zeroed in on seriously doing this for the first time way back then.... but never actually did.  So I went through and printed out the last four or five years' worth of pics, ripped everything out of the original album I did actually start (the first year we were married!), and slapped it all in one huge book together.

I also completed our wedding album. (transferring the photographer's pics from the album they came in that had been thumbed thru so many times it was falling apart)(300 some odd pictures... that's what happens when you get married before the all-digital age.)
Done and done.


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