Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the weekend that was

Which in this case includes Monday since it was a holiday.

The Swinigans came for a nice, quick visit.
Always a good time with them. Always.
For Saturday and Sunday, we dragged them to Sawyer's basketball game, the kids spent a lot of time out in the backyard in sixty degree sunshine, we went to the Aquarium for dinner, we had belated birthday ice cream cake, we spent an afternoon at a park (did I mention the gorgeous spring-like weather?!) and then had to say our goodbyes too soon.

After our guests hit the road on Sunday, Ryan and I escaped our two kids and had a mini date night at one of our favorite little go-to's almost literally around the corner from us.

And then came home with a movie rental and we all crashed out in the family room.

Monday we slept in (well, poor Ryan had to get up and go to work), lazed around for most of the morning, and then met some friends for lunch and a movie at the $1 theater.

Then we topped off our holiday (well, everyone minus Ryan's holiday) by going out to pizza with the Daniels family. 

And here we are now; a quiet Monday Tuesday morning with everyone off to school and work and little ol' me here by myself.
Ah, the quiet. :)


Mom said...

Next visit we HAVE to get to that restaurant!So glad we got to see Sawyer playing ball though.XOX

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