Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the weekend of the labor

So another Labor Day weekend come and gone.
Which means another summer come and gone. *sigh*
How does this keep happening??

It's seeming more like fall the past few days.
Well, not actually if you walk outside... more like if you just look from an indoor window. ;)
I sat on the front porch this morning watching the kids off to the bus and it's gray and dreary and LOOKS deceptively cool and fallish... but as I sat there (just sat there, mind you, at 7:20 in the AM) little beads of sweat formed on my brow and lip and back.  In other words, it's grossly humid outside.
We did get some rain and storms over the weekend from the remnants of the hurricane south of us.
Which made it a perfect weekend for some labor.

Long overdue labor in our case.
You see, we bought most of the paint for our house right when we moved in, hoping to get lots of it on the walls before our actual furniture and belongings arrived a handful of days later.
We got the sunroom done, the family room, both the kids' rooms and our master bedroom, all in the first three days.  That's a lot.
So, one might be be able to imagine that while we also bought paint for our master bathroom at the same time (coordinated with the bedroom paint), at that point, determining there was no furniture going into the bathroom, hence no hurry to get it done before furniture arrived, combined with the fact that also: we were a little tired of painting, we called it quits before getting the bathroom paint on the walls right then.
Two months later, before the holidays, we also painted the kitchen, entryway and downstairs bathroom.
And then in the following two months we also did the dining room and living room.
And then early the next spring we finally got around to the playroom and the kids'/guest bathroom upstairs plus the hallway.
And then the office and the laundryroom.
Can you see where this is going??

One year in and we had repainted this entire (rather large) house, minus only the guest room and -you guessed it- our bathroom.  In which, by the way, the gallon of paint we bought upon move-in was still sitting.  On the floor.  In plain sight.  To remind us to pick up the brushes already and paint.

I'm almost (but not really) embarrassed to say the same circumstances applied going into year two.
This past weekend, Sept 2, marked two years in this house.
And still here sat the unopened gallon of paint.  In the bathroom.  For two years.
With the paint chip still propped up on the wall for good measure. ;)

So we labored this weekend.
Ryan removed the medicine cabinet and patched the wall.  We finally took down the horrible, horrible heavy, dusty window valance.  And we painted.  And painted and painted.  We cut a frame for the mirror and painted that.  And painted the cabinets. And are (still) repainting another cabinet that we put in the separate little toilet room.  And I still need to paint (while we have it all out) the armoire in our bedroom.  And the bedside tables Ryan made earlier this year and we only slapped a quick coat on at the time.

I actually had high hopes of getting paint up in the guest room as well this weekend (we haven't bought that yet), but in between all the bathroom patching/painting and the super crabby baby moods we were subjected to, plus dogsitting this weekend... well, that just didn't happen.

In the middle of all the painting though, Ryan also decided it was time to labor a bit out in the garage, rearranging and reorganizing.  We moved a whole wall of shelves from one side of the garage to the other.  Now we need to procure some new organization plans for the balls/bikes/toys in their new space.

We did find some time for some fun in there too though...
we rented a couple of movies (this one I really liked and the kids loved!) and went out to dinner with a family of friends and had another couple of friends over for pool and games one night.

 And here we are, well on our way into September already. *sigh, again*
How does this keep happening??


Mom said...

I am excited to see the bathroom(pics) all newly painted.You guys always make such nice improvements. And you failed to say what the good movies were...please share! XOXOXOXO

Mom said...

Loved Mirror Mirror. Saw it last month finally,and actually had to watch it a second time!It's one I would even consider having in my collection! Glad you guys enjoyed it too!

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