Friday, August 31, 2012

friday drive-by


  • Speaking of bullets, when are the random public place shootings going to stop already?  Schools, movie theaters, malls... it's getting beyond ridiculous!  And just sad, sad, sad.
  • It's only 12:30 and I'm already exhausted.  Apparently Rem's fussiness yesterday was a foreshadowing of his miserableness today.  I'm hoping to be able to blame it on molars.  And praying it doesn't last long.
  • We ran out to the Opry Mills Mall this morning as it's got the only Stride Rite outlet around.  Remy's got such a bad habit of being on tip-toes constantly, I bought him some good sturdy sandal-ish shoes a couple of weeks ago and it seems like he does a little better flat-footing it in those so I really wanted to get him some good shoes to wear.  His feet are mondo wide though... they're like squares!  So we need Stride Rite's extra sizes.  Ooof, I forgot how spendy those are.  Even at the outlet.  Ouch.  But they're so darn cute!
  • I also picked up a couple of cute pairs of flats for SJ and me (at the much cheaper Payless!).
  • And $3 swim trunks for next year for Sawyer at the Old Navy outlet.
  • We had an open house at school last night (LOVE our teachers again this year!) and afterward Ryan and I went out to grab a quick bite to eat at one of our new, favorite, close to home spots.  We just shared a yummy Salmon Caesar Salad with fries and a milkshake... we had a "creamscicle" shake made with Citrus Vodka, Whipped Cream Vodka and vanilla ice cream.  So. Yummy.  I'm seriously thinking about picking up some Whipped Cream Vodka and making our own here!
  • Speaking of school, Sawyer apparently is the big man on campus in class.  We had several moms come up and ask, "are you Sawyer's mom/dad?"... and go on to tell us how so-and-so (girl) talks about Sawyer all the time, and that two of the girls (these are 1st graders, mind you!) were discussing how "hot" he was, that someone else let her mom know she gave Sawyer her number, and that apparently it's somewhat of a rivalry as to who gets to sit by him at lunch each day.  HA!  I love that they all appreciate how cute he is and how charming he can be, and I'll admit he's probably a pretty fun friend to have, but seriously.  This is only the 1st grade!  I think we may be in trouble.  Thankfully, he's pretty clueless and while, yes, he tends to gravitate to girls as his best friends, he doesn't seem too fazed by the attention.  Besides, he'll tell anyone who asks that he's still matter-of-factly going to marry his best friend, Dailey, by the way.
  • We have a three day weekend upon us.  And no plans. :)  It seems it's our habit to spend this weekend Laboring... as the holiday name would suggest.  We never seem to have fun plans for the extra day off, but rather use it to get stuff done.  This weekend brings the 2 year anniversary of us being in this house and we have just a few little projects we'd like to wrap up to mark that occasion and have everything "done", so there may be some patching and painting going on this weekend. Stay tuned for befores and afters!
What randomness do y'all have going on this Friday??


Heidi said...

I hear you about Stride Rite. We have the same problem with little boy feet over here. This kid will never have more than one pair of shoes at a time because they are just too expensive!
Hope you guys have a great weekend. Don't labor too hard!

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