Thursday, September 6, 2012

the "twins"

Regularly having 4 kids for two, three, or five days (and nights) at a time the last couple of months has often brought up the question:  So, how do you like having four kids?

and more inquisitively;
How is it suddenly -and randomly- juggling two babies at once?

I'm actually (mostly) enjoying our full house.
It's a job though, that's for sure!
It is tricky, but not as hard as I imagine it could be; this having twins that aren't quite twins.
(and yes, I've been asked if they are quite a few times, despite the 12lbs and eight teeth difference)

These kiddos are exactly six months apart at 7 and 13 months old right now.
And even though one is pretty much double the age (and size) of the other, they are developmentally closer than you might think.  One happens to be a tad behind the "norm" and the other one thinks (and has always thought) she's way older than she is.
They both just started clapping and waving and imitating and such.
They play with the same toys and like the same things.
They both eat mostly table foods (although the little one still has trouble getting it from her tray to her mouth on her own) and both sleep all night and take two naps a day.
They are both crawling and the younger is actually starting to pull up on things already, apparently trying to catch up with her bigger buddy.   

Their temperament is different as night and day though.*sigh*
It's a mighty good thing one is so, so happy and chill and laid-back.  I'd be in trouble if they were both as high maintenance as the one!

So they do wear me out.
And I suppose it might be easier if I were actually equipped for twins... if I had two highchairs or a double stroller.  Mealtimes and taking them places are where it gets the most tricky and overwhelming on my own.
Want a peek of life lately with these "twins" around??

*Sorry for the overload of "masked" pictures ahead... you know how it goes.
...and I think they're kinda cute anyway!

Ten years ago, heck, even five years ago, my one gauge of how far apart in age I wanted my kids all relied on one measure...
I didn't want to have to have two cribs in my house or two high chairs or need to have a double stroller.

And... well, um...
We currently have two cribs set up and I wish I had two highchairs and I've been catching myself perusing Craigslist for cheapo double strollers.
And these aren't even my kids.


Mom/Grandma said...

Cute, cute, cute! Savannah looks pretty happy to have you-know-who back in her life even temporarily! (I love the orange runner, BTW!) Fun, crazy times, huh? Is little guy doing any better with baby girl around? Still praying...

Mom said...

Love all the pictures.Especially the smiley foursome! You do have your hands full! XOXOX

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