Monday, August 13, 2012

on camping and hiking and a pretty darn near perfect weekend

Yes, we had a pretty near perfect weekend around here.

A nice 80° and nothing but sunshine will do that for you. :)

Saturday we lounged around all morning and after Remy woke up from his morning nap (why yes he's still here, thanks for asking!) we whipped up a quick lunch and then we headed out for a little family hike.

I've had the camping itch bad lately. (can you blame me?  it's been two three years!!)
And random side note: I've seen this summer lots of blog posts, pictures on facebook, etc, titled "camping trip 2012"... and it always catches my attention because I find it amusing/out of my norm that one single camping trip is the total of a family's camping experience for the year.
Keep in mind that when I was little, growing up in the Northwest, we more often than not spent the summer weekends camping.  Lots of them.  My dad had four brothers and they all loved whitewater rafting together so we camped a lot at the Deschutes River.  Or we camped at the beach.  Or Silver Falls.  Or Mt Hood. 
And when I started camping on my own, it was still at least a May thru September monthly, if not more, thing. 
Savannah started camping with us when she was three months old and spent spent more than a handful of weekends of her first three summers at campgrounds. 
It was only when we left Oregon that we slowed down.  I think we only camped once the year we lived in Michigan.  And not enough when we lived in St Louis.  And the two-ish summers we've been in Nashville?  (I say two-ish because I'm not counting this one done yet, and the very first one was when we were in limbo all summer between STL and here)  Nada.  No camping whatsoever.  Which is sad, sad, sad.  So while instinctively I want to balk at "campers" who make it out only once a year... the sad truth is, I'm no better than them.  Worse actually, because I don't even have a camping trip to look back on for the years 2010 and 2011.  And that is almost incomprehensible to me.  :(

Anyway, so we've been really itching to get out there this year.
Problem is, around here, summer is just too hot to tent camp.  With temps close to 100 during the day and being lucky if it cools off to below 80 at night... summertime is not great camping time in this neck of the woods.
And our springtime was too busy with softball and baseball and a little trip to Oregon for two and a half weeks.
So we've been itching for fall to get here this year to bring some camping weather.

Luckily, even though it's still August, we've had a little bit of nice, actually tolerable weather as of late.
With highs in the low 80's and nighttime lows getting down to 60... that is perfect camping weather!!
So this itch has been getting stronger.

We considered going last minute last weekend, but having it be a maiden voyage with a dog and with this little guy we have here, plus the fact that we were due to be on duty in the nursery at church on Sunday, we reluctantly dropped the camping idea.

I did however, in my wishing/planning/research, find a couple of campgrounds nice and close to us and so while we weren't up for a full camping trip, we decided to get out and explore anyway.
We went down to Henry Horton state park, which is just 40 miles south of us.  We loaded up the dog and the baby and the kids and some snacks and headed down to do a little couple mile hike along the river and check out the campground for future use. 
It passed our inspection. ;)

It was a fun little hike and when we'd done the river loop, we stopped and snacked and played at the playground near the campground.  I took some cute pics of Remy hanging out in the backpack, but they're mostly of his face so I can't share those.  The kids had fun though and Sawyer especially (and due to the olympics) was sizing up the sand volleyball court next to the playground and telling me to make sure I put the badminton stuff and a beachball on our list of necessities for when we go back down to camp there.
It seemed both kids in fact, started every other sentence with, "when we come back to camp here...", and asking when exactly that will be.
I think we've deprived them for too long. ;)

Remy started losing it when it got too far past his naptime so we eventually piled back in the car and headed home.
Stopping for at Sonic of course for just-in-the-nick-of-time Happy Hour.

And then once we got home the kids played in the backyard pretty much non-stop until after dark.
It's been a long time since we've had cool enough weather to do that.  We ordered chinese food and stayed out way past bedtime to catch fireflies and hoping to catch a sneak peek of the meteor shower this weekend.

It was such a fun weekend. 
You forget, in the heat of the usual summer here, how fun it is to just get outside for the day.  The stuff we took for granted growing up in Oregon... having the freedom to play outside all day all summer and camping whenever and wherever we wanted to.

Great thing is, we've got the same beautiful weather on tap so far for this next weekend!
Camping anyone??


Mom said...

Sounds great,love all the pics.Yep,we are heading out tomorrow for a 3 day camping trip.I am SO looking forward to it.It is supposed to be hot,low 90's,but we are hoping the shady campsite will keep us cool. If not we will be heading to the river.Last year I dont think we went even once.I missed it,so we are getting 2 in this summer!!XOXOXOX

Heidi said...

Wish we were close enough to go on camping trips together! Those ones we took when Savannah was small were so much fun...miss them.

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