Friday, August 17, 2012

friday questions- early fall 2012 edition

Someone put something together yesterday and labeled it "Early Fall 2012".
And I was indignant... it is NOT Fall.
Sure, school may have started (crazy early for us!), but it's only barely the middle of August...
that is NOT Fall, that is still very much Summer.  Or Late Summer at most.

And then I got up (late) this morning and found my kids still in bed which meant we were all rushing around and grumping a bit this morning and I had to bark a few too many prods and reminders and it felt much different than these past two weeks of school; which had been orderly, with the kids eager to get going and outfits picked out ahead of time and lunches prepped making for nice easy mornings and heading out to the bus with more than enough time to spare.

Today felt more like we'd been doing this for months and where nobody wants to get up and go to school and homework needs to be rounded up and lunches aren't ready and why can't it just be a Saturday.

And then I walked outside to sit on the front step and watch the kids to the bus. We had had some pretty good storms come through last night, and while it wasn't raining this morning, it was darker and cool and wet and the crazy wind from the night before had knocked a lot of leaves from the trees and they were scattered all over our lawn and it very suddenly, combined with our not-so-novel school routine this morning, suddenly felt exactly like Fall.

Friday Questions... because it's been way too long and I miss hearing from y'all. :)
Tell me:
Are you feeling more like Summer or Fall where you live?
What's one last Summer thing you want to do (seriously) before Summer is really finally and totally gone?
What did you have the last time you went out to dinner?
What great ideas would you have if you happened to have a 35-year-old guy's birthday coming up?? ;)

-see rambling above
-camping, camping and more camping.  and a drive-in movie tonight :)
-I think the last we ate out was Sonic on the way to the dogpark last weekend.  I had french toast sticks.  For dinner.  From Sonic.  Gourmet, let me tell you.
BUT, we are planning a nice dinner out this weekend for SJ to celebrate her TCAP test scores we got back this week. (exceptionally advanced in all four content areas, thankyouverymuch!)  She gets to choose.  So far her vote is for Cheesecake Factory, but we'll see.
-and I'm blank on the last one.  Which is why I asked.

answer in the comments below. ;)


K.M.L said...

Today is feels like Fall. Sunny and 72*...perfect weather!

The last summer thing I want to do is go to Ted Drewes for Ice Cream.

The last time I went out to dinner was TGI Fridays for our Date night.

35-year-old guy's birthday ideas...

Mom said...

It's still summer here. High 90's(+)and still pretty warm going into the weekend.I want to get more "work" done in the back yard.It is still not in the shape I would like it to be before the rain returns.We had Chinese(yum) on my birthday,before heading out of town for the camping trip.Good luck with that birthday planning. That IS your field of expertise!! XOXO

kim said...

it's still summer here! but it was nice and cool this weekend, which i liked.

i still want to have all our friends over for one last BBQ!

i went out tonight and had a chicken philly w/sweet potato fries and a beer. :)

the only thing i ever do for my husband is send him golfing. :)

anne said...

Oh no no, it is NOT fall yet:) The weather is finally gloriously lovely here (mid 70's) which is the kind of weather I adore.

I can't really think of just one thing that I must do before summer ends, but the MN state fair is coming up and that's always a nice end of summer tradition for us.

Thursday evening I had a culinary adventure experience that ranks up there in my top 3 fave meals of all time. We dined with another couple at a local restaurant's chef's table back in the kitchen. They just kept bringing us course after course after course. Eighteen courses later (and with a wine and beer pour to go with each course) I rolled out of there about as full as I've ever been. The food was incredible!

35yo's b-day? Hm... no ideas. My husband tells me he prefers to pick something out and buy it himself than to have me guess:)

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