Thursday, August 9, 2012

i don't even know what day it is

So here's some randomness for you.

We have lots up in the air right now.
Lots going on in my head, lots I don't know what will look like tomorrow, a week from now, months from now.

We had a little slumber party with baby Miya here again last night. 
You guys.  I miss her easyness.  She is the most perfect Perfect Angel ever.  She's so happy and fun and naps like a rockstar without a peep when I lay her down.  And last night?  She slept from 8pm until 5am, which is when she got up and downed a bottle and went right back to sleep... until after 10am!
Hmmm... need to catch up on some sleep much??
Either that or that right there is the stuff that mommy dreams are made of.

Had a lunchtime visit with Remy's mom today.
Court tomorrow.
New case worker.
And new possible "exit state custody" option that might finally pan out.  Maybe.
There's a chance I could come home sans baby tomorrow.  Or that he could move out next week.
Or not and be here for the next 6+ months. You know... just the usual up-in-the-airedness.

We've been planning a little "dance party" for little man's birthday this week.  Dude loves to dance.  We were going to do our little celebration sometime this weekend since we've been so busy this week and with the chaos of two babies being here, but I think we might need to move it up to tonight just in case.  So I currently have banana cupcakes in the oven. ;)

We've been doing a little rearranging around the house this week.  I snagged a second crib (we've always had one set up in our guest room) off of craigslist a couple of weeks ago to set up in the office.
As the kids are getting older and spending more and more time on the computer, we've been feeling like we should have the computer moved into more of a family space rather than tucked away in an office upstairs. I'd been debating about a second crib because we do have a pack-n-play for when we have two babies here, but our thought was if Remy is going to be here long term, we kind of wanted to move him out of the guest room and let him have his "own" room closer to ours. But I still like having a crib in the guest room since we still have plenty of friends and family who would use it.
So I'd been keeping an eye out for a good deal just in case and when I found one that matched the other stuff we have in that room, we decided to go ahead and move the computer downstairs to a corner of the dining room, moved the desk out of the office and plunked in a crib.  Which has actually turned out to be super handy since we've had baby Miya here a couple of days a week and overnights.  Now we just have to get used to calling that room something besides the office!

This week has been crazy. Lots of appointments and meetings and getting into the school routine and juggling two babies and it's all kind of a blur.  Last night I kept thinking and feeling like (and hoping that) it was Friday already.   But at the same time it feels like Monday morning was just here. 


Mom said...

For your sake(and your dad's) I am glad tomorrow is Friday.I hope your weekend is a bit (LOT) more relaxing! XOX

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