Monday, August 20, 2012

hello monday

hello actual coolness in the air!
hello open windows to let the fresh air (aka, non-ac processed!) in. It actually dipped below 60° last night!  The kids almost needed long sleeves on out to the bus this morning.  It made me happy.

hello to a mommy/baby lunch date. 

Or make that fostermommy/caseworker/mommy/baby lunch date.
Either way, it's good.

hello shoe shopping on ebay. 
SJ is in dire need of shoes.  School shoes of the non-flip-flop variety, that is.  Thought she was good to go for awhile, but it seems all her shoes are suddenly too small.
Thank you Ebay for being open when the baby's sleeping in and I'm lazing on the couch.

hello clean, soft, fresh-from-a-bath puppy.  
I'm going to miss this great outdoor doggie bath weather.  And I think Clementine loves her outdoor "shower" rather than being cooped up in our bathtub.  What do you do when your dog outgrows your bathtub??
Anyway, it was a whole outdoor, family affair yesterday afternoon and it was fun.  One more perk of a giant dog... enough dog for eight hands to wash all at once!  It was like washing the car... 'you take this side, you do that side, don't forget that leg, and you man the hose'. ;)

hello orange.

I'm loving the new rug in our entryway.
Only problem is as soon as I layed it down, the first thing that popped into my head was how fabulous it would look with dark wood floors as opposed to the light oak we have.  Which happens to be #2 on my dream list for the house... replace all our existing hardwoods with wide planked dark.
So now every time I walk through the entryway or peer down the stairs, I find myself trying not to fantasize about dark wood floors and stairs... sigh.

hello operation buckle-down-and-stop-eating-like-crap diet.
Sure we've had lots of fresh fruits and vegetables all summer, but I've also more often than not failed at good, healthy, from scratch, home-cooked/grilled meals the last couple of months.  Lots of snacking and grabbing things on the go and easy convenience foods.  And while (so far) my scale hasn't been complaining, I just feel puffy and yuck. So I've got some habits to work on this month.

 hello camping trip.

aka, birthday weekend planning.  :)
I can. not. wait. for this weekend.


Mom said...

Love the rug too. But I think it looks good on the light floors. The dark wood shows EVERYTHING! Ask Heidi.The beach was fabulous this week. Sun,sun and more sun.I hate the thought that summer is soon to end.Glad you guys are planning a fun weekend! XOXOXOXOX

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