Tuesday, July 31, 2012

tomorrow's the day...

We have outfits picked out (love standard school dress code!).
We have breakfast planned out.
We have supplies bagged and ready to go.
We have a teacher meet & greet tonight.

They posted the class lists over the weekend and the kids have been pouring over them, even scouring last year's yearbook to see if they recognize faces on the list rather than last names that may not be familiar.
Savannah's disappointed she didn't get the teacher she wanted.  Or her two best friends in class with her.
Sawyer could care less about teachers and is just thrilled his one true love is paired up with him again. Plus a couple of other favorite girls from his kindergarten class.  What can I say?  He's apparently a ladies' man.
Sawyer and his betrothed best friend Dailey at last year's kindergarten graduation

Both kids have a specific kid on their class list that they are less than thrilled about.
Savannah's nemesis is a family friend of ours and we see them often... at church, at small group and often otherwise socially as well.  Some of us older, wiser, adults think it's a matter of he's-always-annoying-you-because-he-likes-you situation, but regardless, he tends to get on her last nerve.
Sawyer's least highly anticipated classmate was with him last year and kind of a big trouble maker.  I'm probably more disappointed Sawyer's in close quarters with him again than Sawyer actually is, but he's made a comment or two as well.
So we've had a few conversations the past couple of days about kindness and grace.  About tolerance and patience.  About looking the other way.
And of course about the new friends in store for this year.

Savannah's at the top of the food chain this year, so to speak.  4th grade is it at our elementary schools... next year she moves over to the middle school.  Yikes. 
I already can't wrap my head around "4th grader".... I can't even begin to fathom that Middle School Parent is going to be added to my resume in 12 short months.  Ouch.

We're ready.
Not really ready to say goodbye to summer, but as ready as we can be to hop on that bus tomorrow!


Mom said...

Hoping your morning is absolutely great and goes off without a hitch!Can't wait to see more pictures! XOXOXOX

Chrissy said...

I'm not ready. I'm so not ready.

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