Wednesday, July 11, 2012

summer so far

The kids made a to-do list for this summer.

We have a shorter summer this year; only eight weeks of break which kicked off at the end of May with two and a half weeks out of town and ends with an earlier than normal start back to school on August 1 (new "extended school year" calendar this year).
But we are bound and determined to get our fun in.
School starts three weeks from today. :(

So far this summer we have...
been to Oregon
been to the beach
been on a romantic weekend away (two of us, anyway)
made blanket forts, built a house of (pokemon)cards, and had picnics
made banana splits, root beer floats, iced chocolate and have definitely slurped down our fair share of Sonic slushes
had a lemonade stand
had a family slumber party (Clementine too!) downstairs in the family room
gave the dog a bath outside
played baseball with water balloons
been to the pool (several times over)
been to a Nashville Sounds baseball game
been to the lake
and been to a drive-in movie :)

Do you have a summer bucket list?
What have y'all been keeping busy with this summer??


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