Wednesday, July 11, 2012

sick, sick, and sick

Rarely do we pass sickness betwixt ourselves in the house.
We're not often sick in the first place, more often than not going from annual check-up to check-up without seeing the pediatrician.  But when we do come down with something, it's usually just a quick blip, with one down for a day or two and then life returns to normal.

When Sawyer was sick last week we took him in to our pediatrician on a Saturday when we started having trouble keeping his fever down (and when it was 108° outside!) and he was vomiting from being so feverish (no sore throat).  They did a strep culture just in case and the rapid results came back negative.

He didn't get better Sunday or Monday and the office called back Monday night to say the culture had turned positive after all and we ran to get him antibiotics that night.

He really didn't feel better until late Wednesday.
And then we had about two days of everybody's good.

Fast forward to Saturday and I realize my throat is feeling tight.  Sure enough by Sunday morning I was miserable with fever and chills and prickly skin and one of the most painful throats of my life.  Plus a wicked case of PinkEye.

Savannah started complaining of her throat too.

I went to urgent care and the rapid strep test was negative, but the Dr said he was going to pretend it was positive since I had recapped the strep event of the previous week for him.  So I left with antibiotics for strep as well as drops for my (very painful) eyes.

I waited until Monday morning to take SJ into our regular pediatrician (actually, thankfully, Ryan did because I was really of no use) and the same story with her... she had the high fever and the sore throat and the rapid strep was neg, but the Dr gave a script for meds anyway, assuming it would follow course as Sawyers.

Now fast forward to Wednesday.
Both Savannah and I have been on meds since Sunday/Monday.  And both are worse at times, and definitely not better.  Well, I'd say by today I'm feeling slightly better, but in other words, still feel like crap.

Seriously.  Sick in the summer is no fun.

The pediatrician just called to let me know SJ's culture did not grow strep.
Which confirmed my growing suspicion that while Sawyer may have had strep, she and I were stuck with this mondo virus and just have to wait it out.  Miserably.
She said if we're not better by next Monday to call again.
Next Monday?!??!!!  Say it ain't so.

One of my eyes is so oozy and swollen shut I can't even see.  And I'll go from freezing cold, achy and with prickly skin, to so sweating hot I'm nauseous about a dozen times a day.

Poor Sawyer's been running the show around here... being cooped up in the house and helping out incredibly having Remy here and us two sickies when Ryan's gone to work.  He's a rockstar.  Both of them are.

I'm just so done with this.
This is not how we need to spend our third to last week of summer!!!
Day 4 of sick.  Both snoring away...


Mom said...

Oh Heather, I am so sorry you have had to deal with ALL this illness,especially while sick yourself. I sure am hoping and praying it is soon behind you and you guys can end the summer with weeks of fun and feeling FINE!!You are loved! XOXOXOX

Debbie/Grandma said...

So sorry you guys STILL aren't feeling better! I have been praying for you to get better, hopefully very soon! It really sucks when you have children to take care of....bless Sawyer for being so helpful -- what a sweetie!

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