Sunday, June 24, 2012

spooning 101

Interjecting a little project we threw together today... and it's fitting on the heels of recounting the wedding we went to last weekend.  We didn't take a wedding gift with us... we thought why bother when they'll just have to lug it back down to Nashville anyway.  (Well, that and I didn't have my act together in time and just plain didn't have a gift picked out or ready.)

So the newlyweds arrive home from their honeymoon today and when they come pick up their doggie from our house, we have their gift ready for them.

We have a pasta pot that K has commmented on a few times... "J, we should put one of those on our registry!".  So I picked up a pot for them, made it up into a gift basket with a couple of cute kitchen towels, some gourmet pastas and some yummy sauce.  And then added a few "spoonfuls of marriage advice" to the pot of goodies as well.  ;)

I grabbed a bunch of plain, wooden spoons and I painted the handles bright, fun colors and then Ryan, the kids and I each wrote on a couple with our own little quips of newlywed marriage "advice":

Cook with love... and use the good wine
Never go to bed angry   (Savannah's)
Neglect the whole world rather than each other
You can be RIGHT or you can be HAPPY
Love each other    (Sawyer's)
Never yell at each other... unless the house is on fire

I used food safe pens, and I tested one out and washed it and it seemed like it was staying put, but I don't know if it's really permanent or not.  I think they look pretty cute though... :)
I'm just tickled at this idea of spoonfuls of advice... love it for this season of weddings and wedding showers!


Mom said...

Pretty cute and clever!!!XOX

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