Friday, June 22, 2012

{rewind} ohio

I mentioned that while Ryan's parents were here Ryan and I got to runaway and head up to our good friends' (our neighbors here in Nashville) wedding in Ohio.
It was such a romantic trip... even more so than our anniversary trip for some reason.  I think because for our anniversary, it was such a "destination" combined with the fact that we hadn't had days away by ourselves for almost two and a half years, we felt like we needed to be doing something (sightseeing, good dinners out, hiking, boating, sleeping in) and take advantage of that time.
Our quick weekend to Ohio was fresh off the heels of that and we were tired from having just returned from our big family vacation and emotionally drained after saying goodbye to the baby that week.  So it was quieter, lazier, and as a result, more "us" focused.  And in a tiny Ohio town village, there isn't a ton to do. ;)

Another difference was that on our drive to our anniversary trip we had access to our music via cd's and ipod and mainstream radio stations.  Driving our own car this time, with a broken cd player and no ipod hookups, we were reliant on whatever random radio stations came in at any given time.  Made for a fun and miscellaneous road trip soundtrack. And led to very deep and profound discussions on music, the music of our past, songs & memories and ultimately how our kids' music experience will be totally different than ours of the 80's and 90's.  :)

Anyway, we had a six plus hour drive up there and we had fun.  By the way, apparently Subways, McDonalds, Wendys and Cracker Barrels are your only eating options between here and Columbus Ohio.  Fyi.  We didn't have dinner 'til almost 9pm because we kept waiting for better options.  We finally gave in and stopped at a Wendy's.

We got to Granville, checked into our hotel after 11pm, and met up with the groom-to-be at a quaint little bar in Granville's quaint little downtown.  Loved it. 
The next morning we slept in (until 9:30... unheard of for me!!) and took another beautiful stroll -in the daylight this time- down Granville's little mainstreet.  It was adorable.  We picked up house fliers as well. ;)
We had lunch in our hotel's - inn, technically and traditionally- restaurant and it was soooo delicious I wanted to stay there all day.  We loved where we stayed.  Aside from the fact that this hotel is in the top five on the list of "haunted inns", it was a charmingly beautiful, cozy and comfortable stay.  Very quaint and romantic.  Even if the floor of our 200 year old room was crazy slanted!

Then came the wedding.  Which was still very much just the two of us, seeing how the only people we knew there were the couple getting married.  Well that's not true; we had also met J's parents one time before this. ;)
We met two guys who also lived in Nashville, but by and large it was all family and college friends,  and all the non-family were a good ten years younger than us.  And mostly single.
The wedding was outdoors and it was hot, but beautiful.  And followed by the yummiest mojito I've ever tasted.  My core temperature and sweat-soaked dress probably had something to do with the raves I gave that refreshing cocktail, but it was yummy nonetheless!

It was one of the most lavish, fanciest weddings I've been too in a long time... well, in ever actually.  It was beautiful and trendy and fun.  I'm sure it'd have been super fun if we were one of the "in" crowd and out there having a blast with the sorority girls on the dance floor.  But it was fun to watch anyway.

Ryan and I slept in again the next morning... ahhh... and then had a quick breakfast and hit the road to get back home to spend at least a bit of Father's day with our kids and Ryan's (step)dad.  
It was a really fun quick getaway though... so glad we made the trip and that we got to be there to celebrate such special friends!


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