Monday, June 25, 2012

{rewind} oregon, day 16, aka beach day

The day before we headed home from Oregon was slated to be the best weather of our whole trip; where the norm for the two weeks we'd been there was 60 degrees and rainy, that last Monday was shaping up to be sunny and almost 80.

So last minute we decided to head out to the beach for the day.  Ryan's mom had taken the day off and his two sisters, Holly and Jenn, both are home with their kids during the week, and everyone was game to join us at the beach, so we loaded up all the cousins and all headed out to Seaside.

Turned out Holly's in-laws were also out there for the week so we met up with them on the beach and the kids all had so much fun (and we had access to a kitchen and showers!!).

We had prepped the kids on the fact that you can't always swim in the ocean here... that it's much different than the Michigan "beaches" they might remember or the North Carolina beach we visited last summer.  Lo and behold, the water was in fact tolerable and while most of us just waded in, Taegen and Sawyer went full on swimming. :)  Good thing I had thought to bring extra changes of clothes!!

 Lots of pics of the beautiful beach day....

Sawyer and Taegen (the cousins separated at birth six months old and could be mistaken for being joined at the hip when together) + Taegen's cousin Aubrey.

SJ, Calvin and Tatum

The boy cousins. :)  Sawyer, Calvin and Tate  (yes, we have cousins named Tatum and Tate)

Beach baby... first time to the beach and she loved it!!

Loved the feel of the sand... but was still more interested in eating my hand.

Tasi and SJ
Calvin and the birds


Mom said...

That's a bunch of cute kiddos!!XOX

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