Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{rewind} oregon, day 14, aka the wedding

The exact timing of this Oregon trip was to coincide with my youngest sister's wedding.  We were so excited to be a part of all of it.

And I mean that literally; it was a "homemade" wedding, held at the church my family has been going to for about 30yrs, and tediously planned, prepped and executed pretty much exclusively by all of us.  Flowers, cake, decorations, food, all of it.  Pretty much the whole pre-wedding week was spent setting up and decorating the church (and steaming a bazillion table cloths!!), baking 300 cupcakes, decorating said cupcakes and making the bride and groom's cake, making 600 mints, bundling and prettying said mints for favors, making bouquets, making boutonnieres, slicing, dicing and prepping the trays and salads and such for the lunch reception, and so on and so forth.  Whew!

Busy, but fun.  I just love weddings. :)

Lots of pics... I apologize, they may not really be in the right order, lots are grainy (I only had my little point and shoot camera) and some are swiped from my sister's blog and facebook. ;)

My sister Trish, my mom & SJ
Our family + grandparents + Travis's mom
The four sisters

Boys killing time during pictures

My sister Becky + Sawyer

The cake + cupcakes I got suckered into doing
Trish & Travis

Lest you mistakenly assume SJ was the flower girl....

Trish's dog Norah was the flower girl... SJ was just the dogwalker/actual flower petal dropper.

The bride and our dad
The grandparents
My sister Heidi

Mr & Mrs Osbourne


Mom said...

Ahemmmm....I believe we asked a LONGGGG time ago if you would do the cake. I did (try) to help,remember?? I was better off working on all the other stuff!!XOX

Debbie Sanders said...

Beautiful cake and cupcakes, Heather! Congratulations to the bride and groom! Looks like Savannah did a great job of walking the dog :-)/ being a flower girl.

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