Thursday, May 10, 2012


I'm feeling in a slump today... overwhelmed to say the least, with not much motivation to try and dig out from under the pile of stuff in/on my head.

Two weeks of school left.  Which I am loving the idea of.  But that's two weeks full of end of the year projects, parties, special days (carnival, field day, kindy graduation, programs, etc) and special requests of things to bring in.
And pretty much immediately after school's done, we're leaving for two and a half weeks.  So I'm trying to wrap my head around getting prepared for the trip during all this end of the school year craziness... not knowing yet whether or not we're bringing the baby, plus the trip involves another mini-trip for Ryan and I, both a bridal shower and a baby shower I'm expected to help plan/prep for, and a family wedding.  Plus, you know, finding time to actually hang out with all our families and still squeeze time in there to visit with dear friends out there we haven't seen in almost two years.
And then we're returning home from the trip with Ryan's parents in tow, so I can't really leave the house in as much of a chaotic, get the heck out of dodge mess as I normally might... they're coming back with us because we have a week full of plans that entailed needing a babysitter on a couple of different occasions, plus an out of town wedding that next weekend.  So we kind of need to return to a functioning house and somewhat of a plan (meals and such) for the week.

Court this week did not go as hoped... no decision was made and the "us or them" (them being a family friend) is still left hanging.  For another month.  Ugh.
So, you know, all the above craziness plus all this baby situation stuff on my heart and in my head.

It all seems a little overwhelming today.

But there are lighter, happier things too...

like fun teacher gifts

and puppies lounging in the sunshine

and fresh flowers in the kitchen

 and two fun kiddos who are ready for summer

and this little sweetie here with us


Annie Schilperoort Photography said...

Love you Heather! Such a huge week. Can't wait to see what you're making for the teachers.

Mom said...

The pictures are great,and good reminders of the simple pleasures!So anxious to see you all in person,SOON!!! :) XOXOXOX

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