Thursday, May 3, 2012

three weeks

Three weeks from today the kids have their last (half)day of school.  I cannot believe it's that time already... but I am so ready.

I'm ready to be done with the early mornings (not that we don't get up earlyish around here even without school, but it'll be nice to not have to be totally functional before 7am!!), done with the packing lunches every day, done with keeping track of field trips and class functions, done with the homework, and since we're bowing out of town directly after school is finished and will miss that last two weeks of ball, that also means done with baseball and softball!

I'm ready for vacation and for swimming lessons and for vbs and for not having stuff going on every evening and for not caring about bedtimes and for hanging out at the pool and all that summertime stuff.
Heck, we've already had what feels like summer weather for going on two months around here, so we might as well get to the lazy days part of it too!!

And next week we'll find out if we'll have a baby with us for it as well. :)
[Update: as far as me wavering on whether or not to make the phone calls I wanted to the other day... I spent much of the day focused on my heart and "being quiet" and put the "fighting" on pause for a bit, but just before the kids got home from school --and my quiet would be dissolved ;) -- I basically said 'Ok God, you gotta tell me what to do about this reaching out and voicing my opinions to these decision makers involved.  You know how hard this is for me!'.  And then -seriously, right then- the phone rang.  And it was the baby's case worker. (one of the calls I was wanting to make)  And we had a good talk.  And it turned out part of the reason she was calling me that aternoon was to let me know that CASA had called her to get my contact info and that they would be in touch. (the exact other call I was wanting to make)
And although I haven't heard from or talked to them yet, I slept much better that night.
Because if its not obvious that God's in control here, then I don't know what is.]


Mom said...

So exciting.Isn't HE awesome! He loves us ,OH how HE loves us!!!

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