Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day

For Mother's Day I got a beautifully creative "6 paged Mother's Day Book by Savannah Joy"
pg 1: I hope you love this book like I love you
pg 2: Sometimes I can be a pest, but I hope I'm the one you love best
pg 3: Sawyer may have given you a vase, but you gave me and him our face.  (that's good!)
pg 4: "Miya", Dad, Sawyer and me, we all love you can't you see?
pg 5: Clementine loves you more and more, right up until the number 4 (cuz she's had just a short dog's life!)
pg 6: So roses are red and violets are blue, what this book is really about is HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to YOU!

Sawyer gave me a hand painted vase and an illustrated book about his mom...
My mom is special because... she loves me.
I love it when my mom... hugs me.
To relax my mom likes to... nap.
I wish I could buy my mom... a dress.
It bugs my mom when... there are a lot of bugs.
My mom's favorite song is... Come and Worship.  She sings like... a hiy voyse. (high voice)
When my mom is driving she... conusherntrates. (concentrates)
My mom's favorite tv show is... the forkast.
I love when my mom cooks... cookies.  This is how she makes it... with bakeing powder and chocltchips.
Mom: helpfle, lovefle, playfle, respektfle.

From Miya I got a sweet, smiley baby girl who was an adoraby perfect angel through church and an absolute charmer out at lunch.  Even though she never really napped until we arrived home at 2pm. ;)

Ryan sent me out on Saturday to buy myself a new dress/outfit to wear out to the adoption benefit dinner we were going to that night, or to wear for Mother's Day the next morning.  I found things for both.  And let me tell you, it sure is nice to feel not only appreciated and celebrated for Mother's Day, but cute and confident in new clothes too. :) :)
Now if only I can find time to get that hair cut I was gifted (and is much needed!) too!!

We went to church with friends for a baby baptism Sunday morning and then out to a fabulous lunch with them all.  It was raining and pouring and gray all day, so after lunch we came home, put the baby to bed and all got cozy and turned on a movie.  Which I napped on and off through most of. ;)

It was a really nice, relaxing, family (and friend!) day.
Mostly I'm just thankful I get to have these little people in my life that make me a Mom...


Nicole said...

Ahh love what they wrote :) Happy Mother's Day to you!!

(I bought the same onesie for Amelia that Miya has on!!)

Mom said...

What precious gifts you received.You are very blessed indeed.And very much loved!!XOX

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