Tuesday, April 24, 2012

random ten tuesday

1) It's 8am.

2) I've been awake since 4am.

3) And I'm sitting here wondering how I've still managed to get nothing done so far.
Well, nothing except get two kids fed, dressed, lunch packed and off to school.
One of whom spent the whole hour of getting ready trying to convince me he was too sick for school.  And took up ten minutes with me trying to coerce him to swallow two whole teaspoons of cough medicine.  But it still feels like I've done nothing so far.  That may or may not have to do with the fact that my kitchen is still full of dirty dishes from last night and the hallway is strewn with four piles of laundry waiting for me.

4)  I have (and have had for several days now) a horrible crick in my neck/back/right shoulder area.  It started at night... I'd wake up with the baby and realize my shoulder was hurting horribly.  But it seemed it was from being in bed, not from holding or feeding the baby or anything; it was fine after I'd be up and moving around.  And it's just progressively gotten worse.  Like I cannot even move my arm or neck when I'm in bed anymore and it's terribly sore and restricting all day long now when I'm up.  It hurts.

5) I think I need a new baby monitor.  We've had Miya in our room in the pack and play for most of this past month we've had her.  The crib is in the guest room at the very opposite end of the house from our room and being above the garage, it gets colder in there.  This week I moved the pack and play from out room into the adjoining office (that is what will become her room if she stays here).  And with it I moved the baby monitor.  We've had that plugged in for a month with the monitor in our room and the receiver downstairs in the kitchen.  Suddenly since I moved the monitor into the office, the receiver in the kitchen randomly gets all sorts of static and feedback and interference and makes a bunch of Signs movie type noises when you walk around the house.  The dog walks past the kitchen and it goes berserk.  It's driving me crazy.  I've tried the (two) different channels and moving the receiver around and it's still being wacko.  I'm wondering why it doesn't like transmitting from the office.  Or if it's just ready to retire since it is ten years old. ;)

6)  I made a phenomenal plum crumble dessert thingie yesterday.  Oh it is sooo yummy.  Actually, that sounds really good for breakfast now that I think about it. :)  Recipe from here if you're interested.

7)  I'm also trying to plan really good meals -and breakfasts!- this week as SJ has her state testing all week and Sawyer's fighting off a cold.  By good I mean healthy and filling but something the kids will really eat.  We seem to be back in a phase where the two of those things don't often meet.  Ideas anyone??

8)  I like having a baby who sleeps in 'til 8:30 in the morning.

9)  Even if that means getting up with her at 4am, only to have her go right back to sleep after a bottle and then leave me wide awake and not able to go back to sleep until Ryan's alarm goes off at 5:30???  Not sure about that one yet.

10)  But I do like having a baby here. :)


Mom said...

Sounds like you need a nap when baby naps! I am so glad you are lovin on that baby,and LOVIN IT!!Good luck with those meals,I know it can be a challenge to get kids to eat nutritious foods.And thanks for keeping up with the blog. Love you!Can't wait for June and time spent with you guys!!

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