Thursday, April 26, 2012

it's catching up

This getting up in the middle of the night thing has really thrown me for a loop.
I remember being pregnant and not sleeping well and thinking how unfair it was to not be sleeping when I could, and that the sleepless nights really needed to be reserved for when the baby was actually here.
Well, now I wholeheartedly believe all those sleepless, restless nights of pregnancy are all in preparation.  Because I can tell you, going from (six and a half years of)  more or less sleeping soundly all night every night, to suddenly, with no warning or mental preparation, go to getting up regularly one or two times a night with an infant??... one's body does not adjust well.
Or at least this body.

Mix that up with a million baseball/softball games a week, activities every night this week and houseguests three weekends in a row... I think I'm going to take to napping regularly. ;)

Speaking of full schedules, we are at t minus four days to squeeze in our April date for our 12 in 12.  Oh and we're still missing March's.  Boo.
That's what suddenly having new baby followed by your main babysitting go-to's having a new baby two weeks later will give you.  Date opportunities are scarce.  :(

In other news, I've got more house pictures to share.  We'll just ignore the six month hiatus I took from the show and tell.  I've got them, now we'll see how long it takes me to actually go through them and get them posted here!!


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