Friday, April 27, 2012

from the draft folder

I'm busy washing sheets and prepping meals and cleaning house for a house full of good friends and lots of kids and lots of outings all weekend. 
I found this in my drafts and thought I'd throw it out there today since I got nothin' else.

ten things i really don't like that it seems every one else in the world thinks are so great/cool/cute/etc...

1. mini-vans.  just not a fan of the mini-van.

2. boys with long, shaggy hair.  bieber-ish? ew.  it so makes me want to hand mom some scissors.  i'd much rather see their handsome face, their eyes or their freckled nose, rather than their scraggly hair.

3. skinny jeans on little ones. pretty much skinny jeans on anyone, but especially littles with big diaper butts?  it just looks ridiculous

4. uggs

5. toms shoes.  aren't they just glorified versions of the cheapo canvas elastic sneakers you could buy for a couple of dollars at the drug store in the 80's/90's??  i don't think they're cute at all.

6. french pedicures.  aka, long toenails,

7. granite countertops

8. to hear a family calling the girl "Sissy"... it's just a nickname that annoys me and sounds, well, sissyish... and also, what happens when you have another girl?  Do you then have two sissies?  I just think it's funny it gets used so much and that you never hear brothers being called "Brother" or "Bro" or "Bruddy" all the time.  I'm all for cute nicknames.  I just think they could pick a little more individual one than the Sissy I hear everywhere I turn?  Do you even know how many "Sissies" are on the playground??
(and along those lines... calling your son "Son" all the time.  I used to have a friend who called his son Son all the time... I seriously don't know if I ever heard him use the kid's name.  But yet, he never called his daughter, Daughter.  He used her name.  I thought that was funny.  And I just remember thinking, what'd you even give your son a name for? ;)
I know... I'm weird.

9.  reality tv & "contest" shows (like American Idol, Bachelor, etc.)

10. little dogs.  let me rephrase that; yappy, undisciplined, little dogs.  like just 'cuz they're little you don't have to teach them manners and respect??  if my 100lb dog barked that much or was all over someone at the front door or came running at you or jumped up on you, I don't think that would go over very well.  well guess what?  your dog doing that is just as bad to other people.

What would be on your list??
What things or trends that might be "all the rage" but have you scratching your head as to why so many find them irresistible?


anne said...

Ha! I'm with you on the shaggy hair, Uggs, and mini vans.

Here's mine: I hate Ikea.

Nicole said...

1. mini-vans.

I agree. I am not a mini van lover, though I drive one. I like the convenience of my van, and having driven both SUV's and a mini they are much easier with little kids. I don't "Love" it though, and if $$ weren't a factor, I'd choose something else. It just happened to be more cost efficient (both up front and in the long run). Bleh.

2. boys with long, shaggy hair.

It depends.... some boys look super cute with long hair (IMO) but others ehhh. I'm either or. Sometimes I love Porter's hair to grow out a bit (though his has never been "long"), but then get sick of it and buzz it down. Hudson, though... has super straight, fine hair and it looks so skanky when it needs a trim.

3. skinny jeans

Ohhh skinny jeans. I could never pull them off with ballet flats like some skinny minnies can, but I do have a pair to wear with my uggs (uh... see #4 LOL!). I think they look cute on people with a certain body type, or girls (out of diapers to teenagers) that are slender/not curvy. For the most part, don't love em, and I'd die if flare/wide leg type jeans went out of style or weren't made anymore... LOL!

4. uggs

I hated uggs for a loooong time.... but ended up with a pair and I love love love them. Although I think they're stupid in warm climates.

5. toms shoes.

I've been seeing lots of discussion of toms lately... some I think are butt ugly but I think Lindsay Moreno posted a link to some cute little girl ones and they're adorable. But pricey. Bleh. Not for kids shoes. I have seen some that are pretty ugly though.

6. french pedicures. aka, long toenails,

Sick. I don't like long toenails or fingernails (for myself). I think long-ish fingernails are pretty but toenails? really?

7. granite countertops

Love em, but not a necessity.

8. to hear a family calling the girl "Sissy"...

Guilty! :) My grandma still calls my aunt "Sis" (and my mom is not a "sis"). Amelia got stuck with Sis while we were undecided on a name... and its stuck, and since she's the last baby, she is THE "sis" LOL. I don't like "Son" though... so... formal?

9. reality tv & "contest" shows (like American Idol, Bachelor, etc.)

I can take em or leave em. I did watch Bachelor this season, but it had been a looong time since I'd watched. I don't get into American Idol or those singing/dancing ones. Real Housewives, though... love those (though they aren't contest reality shows)

10. little dogs.

Couldn't agree more! I remember walking Ramsey down the road and a yappy dog across the road, being walked, was yanking ont he leash lunging toward our side of the road. I thought to myself "Now... if my rottweiler were to do that they'd for sure have a negative opinion of my big, 'mean' dog" but... since it was a "little dog" manners aren't necessary? I don't like many little dogs, especially the yappy, ill-mannered ones.

One of my "I don't get it" is expensive makeup. Ehh. Maybe because I've never forked out the $$ to ever try it, but I just don't see the point.

Erin said...


I totally agree with you!

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