Wednesday, April 18, 2012

have your cake and eat it too

We had a Cake Party.
A party all about cake of course!
It started with Savannah telling me she wasn't coming up with any ideas for a birthday party this year.  So I pulled out a handful of things I had snagged up on clearance at Michaels a few years back; Mary Engelbreit invitations, napkins, placemats and other paper goods party paraphernalia.  I had a set of "Birthday Queen" and "You Are Especially Special Today" and "Have Your Cake and Eat It Too"... and Savannah loved the cake ones.  So we took off running with that.

We were all about the cake!  I first had grand plans of baking a decorating a few (smallish) cakes and cupcakes to adorn the "cake buffet" we had going on.  I nixed those plans with an infant here, but I did make a stop at a specialty cupcake shop and picked up a few other cakes from the bakery in our grocery store.  Easy peasy.  One of the games we did was, of course, a cake walk so each of the girls got to pick a cake or cupcake to take home with them.

As for the official Birthday Cake, SJ wanted a "piece of cake" cake.  I had shown her this one from Pinterest and she was in love.  I warned her that ours wasn't going to come out nearly as cute as that one, but here's what I came up with:

And even though it was a little lumpy, it was yummy!
That was our "family" cake.

As for the party, we decided on Cupcake Fondue.  Again, idea found on Pinterest, here here and here.
Only, we didn't have fondue pots.  I instead grabbed a couple of these microwave candy melts in a bowl thing that were specifically for coating or for fondue. :)  They worked (and tasted!) fabulous.  I made mini white and chocolate cupcakes and the girls (with tiny forks too!) dipped them in the melty frosting and then donned them with whatever sprinkles they fancied.
We had cake batter ice cream along with it (of course!).

As for activities, we did the aforementioned Cake Walk (I printed out these number pages and the girls colored them as guests arrived) and had a ribbon pull cupcake pinata full of fun girly things rather than candy... I thought a party full of cake plus a pinata full of candy might be a little sugar overkill. ;)
(please ignore the paused Taylor Swift video in the background... that was our music for the cake walk)

I found these take home boxes in the shape of cake slices for the girls to take their pinata loot home in:

Sorting, sharing and trading their goodies...

And the most fun part, in my book, was the cake decorating we did.  With shaving cream. :)
I pulled out all our tupperware (mostly the gladware disposables) and the girls picked the shapes of cakes they wanted, I put a dot or two of hot glue on them just to hold them together (it peeled right off later) and they got to work decorating with bowls of shaving cream:

I colored some of the shaving cream with food coloring and put it in squeeze bottles
and they used puffballs, pipecleaners and foam shapes to decorate to their hearts content.

(Savannah was a great big sister and let her brother participate in most of the party since a couple of the girls were coming super late and missed parts of it)

They spent a good long time on this activity and had a blast.

More pics:


Beanski said...

Cute! Love the shaving cream!

Mom said...

Such a cute,cute party,and GREAT pictures!! The shaving cream cakes are wonderful...along with all the decorations and favors!!!Poor Ryan looks like HE did all the work!:0)XOXOX

Christina said...

I've been waiting anxiously for this one. So fun! as always you outdid yourself. I love the last photo of Ryan and baby girl, exhausted between an infant and birthday party, says it all. Ha ha. Get ready to see repeats of your art party a few years back because that is what Gabi wants for her 6th birthday in May. It fits because as she says, "I can't live a day without coloring. If I didn't have art, I'd die inside."

Kim said...

i love the party! i kind of want to do the shaving cream thing myself. :)

Grandma Debbie said...

Such a great party idea! So cute -- thanks for sharing all the photos! Ryan sure looked exhausted! Such a hard working guy/dad...... :-) Great job, Heather (& Ryan)!

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