Monday, April 30, 2012

miya this monday

There's a sort of balancing act in the amount of documenting and snapping of pics you do with a baby you don't know will be in your house forever.  When you aren't sure whether or not they'll be around to look back at these things with you or not.  Especially so when I don't even know if she'll still be here next week.  I go through phases (daily) of whether I want to be taking more pictures or not.  Writing more things down or not.  Or whether I just need to enjoy it while it's here and not get too attached to these memories.

But for today at least, I wanted to document some here as well.
After all, this sweet little thing is a part of our every day life for now. :)

(and I wish I could share some more pictures... better pictures; ones that show the light in her eyes and her beautiful, beautiful, smile)(but those will have to wait for the someday that she might legally be ours)

But here's some of Miya today, at not quite 12 wks old:
she had a check up this morning... she weighed in at 11lbs 7oz  (which is wonderfully up from her first visit a month ago!) and she is just over 24 inches long.  Have I mentioned she's going to be a tall little thing??  She has the longest, skinniest skis feet I've ever seen on a baby, not to mention the fact that her mama is probably close to six feet tall.

The feet go along with her fingers... crazy long slender fingers... not at all the baby chubbies I'm used to around here. ;)
When Miya arrived with us, she was under the 10th percentile for weight and she's now moved up to 25th.  And she's stayed consistent at almost 75th for height. ;) 
(I think most everyone's familiar with "percentiles" on the growth charts, but just in case you're not, for instance, saying she is at the 10th percentile says that she, on average, weighs more than only 10% of the babies her age and 90% of 12wk old babies weigh more than her.  On the other hand, she is longer/taller than 75% of the babies her age, with only 25% of them being taller than her.)

She smiles all the time.  She loves to laugh... that's her newest trick... she's just "learning" to laugh and I love hearing it.  We'll go back and forth; I'll do something to make her giggle and then hearing her laugh makes me laugh, which in turn makes her laugh more, and on and on and on.  I love, love, love those first baby laughs.

She loves the kids and she loves "her" doggy.
At an age where eye contact and smile responses are still a little hit or miss, she will always, always track the dog across the room and smile when she comes close or walks by.  And Clementine loves her too; whenever we have the baby on the floor she comes and lays close and just hangs out with her.  She's done that since the beginning.  I kinda hope they get to keep growing up with each other ;).

Miya loves bathtime, loves bedtime, doesn't care for mealtimes. (Again, I am not used to babies who could care less about their bottles!!)

She is so, so close to rolling over from her back to her front.  She actually loves her tummy time.  She's a strong little girl and we get comments all the time about how alert and "upright" she is for her age... she is not one to lay back and be held like a baby... she wants to see what's going on and she thinks she has places to go!

I was just trying to get a few snaps of her maybe rolling over... and there's that dog again! ;)


Mom said...

How did I miss this post?? Love the pictures,sure hope we get to meet her soon.I can almost hear that little laugh that is SO contagious!!XOXOXOX

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