Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sweet baby

Anyone remember Michelle Featherstone's song Sweet Baby?

Sweet, sweet baby, I said maybe
Maybe you should stay with me
Sweet, sweet baby, I think maybe
Maybe you shouldn't leave...

I've always loved that song and I've been humming it all morning as I love on this sweet sweet baby we have here today.

We got a call at about 5 o'clock last night about her and she was here about an hour and a half later.  She's just six weeks old and is a teeny tiny little thing (according to our scale she's not even 10lbs) and we already just love her to pieces.
And God continues to spoil us... she slept all night, only getting up once at about 2am for a bottle and going right back to sleep until after 6.  Who knows how long this "honeymoon" phase will last, but so far she is just the perfect, healthy little bug.

Right now it's not clear whether this is a legal risk case (to be adoptable or not) and I'm hoping we'll know more today.
In the meantime, we're more than happy to love this little one for as long as we can have her with us.

The funny thing was, I had received a call early yesterday about a newborn baby boy.  They needed an adoption ready home and I immediately said yes we'd take him.  The contact I spoke to was just to be gathering the few names of adopt-ready homes they had, find out if they would take a newborn and present the willing families (I think there it was only us and another family) to the baby's caseworker and she would make the call.  I hadn't heard back all day (and even called back to check in)(baby is still in the hospital and I don't think they're rushing things) and I was more than anxious about whether he would be placed with us or not.  Was God really answering our prayers of being able to adopt an infant this soon??!?
And then that evening, the phone rang and while I was expecting to answer the call on Baby Boy, I got a different case worker with the call on Baby Girl. (I'll come up with a name for her here on the blog soon)
And it was a moment of what do we do??  Knowing the boy would most likely be adoptable, but not knowing if we would be the ones he'd be placed with.  And having this baby girl fall into our laps, with her situation up in the air.  For just an instant I pondered the thought of taking on the challenge of "twins" a month apart in age. :)

But obviously we ended up with this sweet pink girlie here.
Savannah's happy about that.  Sawyer wasn't thrilled -pouted even- at the idea of an infant, and a girl at that, but then he asked to hold her a few too many times this morning and gave himself away. ;)


Mary said...

What a beautiful song....brought tears to my eyes! I will say a prayer for your family and this sweet baby girl :)

Mom said...

So many little ones needing a loving home.Breaks my heart.Keeping you all close in my thoughts and prayers. XOXOX

anne said...

Sounds like a sweet, sweet few days so far. These babies/kids are blessed to have your family take care of them. Looking forward to reading more.

Nicole said...

I love that song and love even more that you have a placement! I will be praying for you guys and hoping things work out to have her there permanently! (that's the long term plan, right, with fostering? To adopt at some point?)

jenny said...

i am so excited for you and this new journey! also grateful that this little one has found such an amazing home to surround her with the love and care she deserves. thinking of you all!

beanski said...

so beautiful. you are amazing!

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