Tuesday, March 20, 2012

my smarties

I'm not usually that braggy of a parent.  Maybe borderline here on the blog, but that's only because it's partially a baby book slash only record keeping I do with my kids of any kind. ;)

So in that light, I have to make mention that the kids brought their report cards home yesterday.  Savannah got straight A's and Sawyer had all E's (A equivalent for Kindergartners) except for one "S".  In PE of all things.  Go figure.  He was given an E for effort, but an overall grade of S?  That kid?  In PE?  I'm confused.

Savannah also brought home her ThinkLink test scores.  These are a precursor to the state TCAP testing they'll be doing later this spring.  A preview if you will.  She scored Advanced in both Mathematics and in Language Arts.  With a national percentile of 67 in Math and a whopping 97 in Reading/Language Arts.  97th percentile.  Nationally.  That?  Is Awesome. 
I hope it makes her feel that much more confident about taking the TCAPs as she's still pretty nervous about it.

We went out to ice cream to celebrate.
Before dinner. :)


Mom said...

Love those two smarties! XOX

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