Thursday, March 15, 2012

spring forward

It's been a quiet week.
I feel like the time change this time around affected us all more.  The kids have had a really hard time getting to sleep at night and then we all have a real hard time dragging ourselves out of bed in the morning.  I don't know if that's contributed, but it's just been kind of a mellow week around here.
Ryan was in Boston for work last weekend until late last Monday night.
Monday was gloomy and rainy, but Tuesday was eighty degrees and as beautiful as a late spring day (summer, really, but without the humidity!) out there, same with Wednesday.  Until we got a quick hailstorm just in time to cancel softball practice!
I've been cleaning up the yard and taking the dog for nice long walks.

The sunshine has me dreaming of possibilities for our backyard.  The sunroom on the back of our house was built on most of what was originally the patio, so we have next to no actual patio space.  We have a good sized backyard and I have visions of a grand entertaining space out there.  Problem is, we also have a fence we want to replace, a swingset we promised the kids -for real!- this year, a driveway to repair ($$$) and a leaky and rotting front door and surround to replace.  So a new patio/redo is unfortunately waaaay down on the the priority list. :(  Unless we win the lottery.

Also been birthday party planning here and there.  Savannah's having a "cake" party with a "let them eat cake/have your cake and eat it too" theme... lots of cute cake & cupcake ideas flowing around here. :)

It's been quiet on the foster care front too.  (And yes, I'm positive now that I've put those words out in public, we'll get called.  Today.)  After those first two immediate calls, and then an initial meet and greet of sorts with our Resource Parent Support Worker --'Resource Parent' is our state's new terminology for Foster Parent, btw-- in which she said "I'd be surprised if you didn't have a placement by the end of the week"... all has been quiet.  So we're still waiting and wondering what's around the bend.

We finally got our tickets for our trip back to Oregon this year.  My little sister is getting married in early June so as soon as the kids are out of school in May (44 days!  not that anyone's counting!!), we're outta here.  We'll be there over our anniversary so Ryan and I are planning a little 10 yr anniversary trip up to revisit our honeymoon spot in the San Juan Islands.  To say I'm looking forward to that is probably the biggest understatement of the year.  I realized the other day that Ryan and I haven't had a weekend away since before we moved here to Nashville... two years ago... and that is crazy to me.  Unacceptable, really.  So not us.  We were always ones to make that still a priority with kids.  Heck, we first left Savannah overnight when she was just six weeks old!!  Sure, it got a little -okay, a lot- harder when we moved away from family, but we still managed it least a couple of times a year.  Now?  Well that's just depressing.  :/
So we'll have a few days in San Juan thrown in with more than two weeks of visiting in Oregon.  Yay!

What are you looking forward to this spring?!


Chrissy said...

I am looking forward to NOT bundling up 7 children to head out the door every day, to a one year old walking (hopefully?), lots of baseball and soccer games, and going away with my husband for a week ALONE. Ahhhh, spring....

jenny said...

i am looking forward to playing outside with my boys, fixing up the yard and my gardens, taking pictures with GREEN in them, bbq's, t-ball, camping ... omg, the list goes on and on! these past six months have flown by!

Mom said...

I can't believe it is the 15th already! I am so looking forward to sunshine and dry weather.I need to work in the yard badly! Really getting excited for the wedding and YOUR trip!!!

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