Friday, March 16, 2012

we now have photo evidence at the end of the rainbow

It seemed like it took the weekend forever to get here this week.
Long, sunny days, crazy stormy afternoons and evenings.

And it seems every storm shows us new leaks in this not-so-old house every time we turn around.  Our front door is letting in water and yesterday we found a new waterfall leak where the sunroom addition meets the house. Ugh.

And then there was an incredible rainbow last night just before the sun set:
 It was so big and brilliant I couldn't fit it all in my camera lens...
I don't remember seeing a brighter rainbow ever.  With the light of the sunset and the receding storm clouds, it was pretty amazing. Straight across our entire backyard. 
The kids spent a good fifteen minutes looking out their bedroom windows upstairs where they could get a better view.  And where they were convinced they could see the end of the rainbow.
And where they convinced us they saw a shimmering pot of gold at said end. ;)
Only fitting since tomorrow is the rainbow/pot of gold holiday itself!

SJ even snapped a picture and was thrilled to show us  --------->
(not sure what exactly this is a picture of, zoomed in as far as her little camera will go, but she's pretty happy with her photo evidence!) :)

We're meeting a little boy today who will be staying with us for a couple of days.  It's just a weekend of respite care for the resource family who is currently caring for him, so it'll all (hopefully) be pretty low key.  So I'm spending the day dusting off of the carseat and digging out the sippy cups and looking forward to having a little one toddling around here temporarily. :)

Happy Weekend!


Mom said...

Hope your weekend is fantastic,and that you can find time to snap a few pictures with your weekend visitor.And let's hope the rain gives us BOTH a break real soon! XOX

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