Friday, March 9, 2012

friday, random-day

  • Feeling so blah today.  Really blech.  A weird tummy thing. And I didn't mind so much yesterday when didn't have anything to do and just curled up on the couch with a book (seriously, all day)(book two of the hunger games series DONE)(in one day), but today?  Notsomuch.  The kids are off of school today and I'm just no fun guzzling pepto.  Not sure if we're going to make that afternoon movie I promised them. :(
  • Speaking of books, I found a (couple of different ones) website where you can read books for free!  Like, popular, bestseller books.  For free!  Now I'm still on the record of saying that I've shunned the idea of a kindle or a nook... I am a book-in-hand person all the way; I just love books too much to give them up and simply scroll through type on a screen all the time.  However.  in a case like this -where I was dying to see what happened next in the trilogy and couldn't get my hands on a book fast enough- the discovery of this website is fabulous!!  I spent a sick day all curled up in the world of Panem and The Games without having to plan ahead or leave my house.  And not spend a penny on it!
  • Attempted some "spring cleaning" around here.  Not so much since I've been sick the last couple of days, but I was inspired to follow along with Simple Mom's Project: Simplify... tackling an area a week for this month to weed out, simplify and organize.  This week's focus was kid stuff.  We're pretty good about weeding out toys regularly around here (I can't stand too many toys) but it was time to go through the kids' clothes and tackle their bookshelves.  I'm a sucker for books (see last bullet), and I'm a firm believer that a kid cannot have too many books.  But we did.  Not good ones, just meaningless or mangled paperbacks here and there that no one reads anymore.  Came out with a boxful we decided we could part with.  And I went through the kids' closets.  And realized SJ is in big time need of clothes besides school polos and khakis.  Good thing she has a birthday coming up!  I meant to get to the attic space and reorganize outgrown clothes in storage; it's a mess in there and I want it to be accessible if/when we need to pull stuff out for foster kids.  That was my plan for the latter half of the week.  Which turned out to be the half where I instead babied my upset tummy and have camped out on the couch for two days...
  • Another random: we have such a good puppy.  She is really soooo good.  I keep saying we're never going to ever be able to get another dog (puppy, especially) because she has spoiled us so much.  Seriously.  Once she knows the rules or routines, she is pretty much a perfect angel.  Maybe I'm biased, but she is really so mellow and well-behaved for a five month old puppy! She doesn't whine or bark, she knows she's not allowed upstairs, she sits and waits patiently when asked, she walks beside you on a leash, she doesn't steal food (after a corn dog debacle -stick and all- I think she learned her lesson) or mess with the kids toys (except she really likes to eat chalk.  and lick the chalkboard.) and she is about the sweetest thing ever.  And she's also a wannabe lapdog.  At 70lbs.
  • Ryan's going out of town later this weekend.  Anyone who knows this blog knows what that means.  Pray for no sickness and no car problems. ;)  With three running cars here right now, I should be safe in that arena?!


Jac said...

Being sick is the worst...but having a good book to read does help a bit. I am totally absorbed with the Hunger Games right now, too! I started the first book about a week ago...and am already halfway through the third :). Feel better soon!

Would you mind sharing the free book sites?

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