Friday, March 23, 2012

baby girl

Baby Girl still doesn't have a blog name. ;)
I was kind of waiting until we had a better idea of how long she might be sticking around here, as to decide whether I should even "name" her on here or not.  I'm really trying to not get too attached... I mean I'm all about bonding and loving on her for sure, but I'm just trying not to let myself have a mindset of her being here for any amount of long term yet.
We had the first family/team meeting on her case yesterday.  And preliminary court was supposed to be today, but it just got moved to next week.

I just spent the last half hour looking up public [criminal] records on this little one's parents (and grandparent, as that's who she's technically been with for her whole short life).
Talk about depressing.

Had the privilege of meeting baby's father and grandmother at the meeting yesterday.
Granny was very kind and pleasant... and cooperative and respectful of the system.
As for Father... well, let's just say he's got a history with the system and it doesn't look like he'll be winning any popularity votes around here.

And speaking of history, I have to share this little tidbit I learned yesterday that just had me shaking my head and chuckling in disbelief all day.  There are several siblings involved here.  Counting Baby Girl, there are five full siblings, plus a few more half sibs thrown in on the older end.  If I were to change their names and give you an example of what these five youngest childrens' names are, I would tell you they are;
Juan, SanJuan, Juantel, Juana and Juaniya.
And these would all be the children of "Juan" himself by the way.
The poor case workers are tongue tied when trying to keep these kids straight!  It is crazy!

Meanwhile, I've got this little bitty baby girl on my lap and I'm just happy that she's happy and healthy and being taken care of.  And I could pretty much just sit here and solicit these wide, slightly awkward, whole face engulfing first baby smiles all day long.


Mom said...

Just love on that baby girl as long as you have her...she needs you.And keep us updated. Love you!XOXOX

Christina said...

I can tell she is beautiful and so sweet. I'm glad God is giving her to be loved by you guys for now.

jenny said...

the name thing blows my mind a bit ... but we have a similar family here that we work with. it's like they forgot there were other names available? lol!

so glad she has you right now. :)

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