Wednesday, March 28, 2012

one down

We have our very first sickness of the entire winter around here.
I thought we might make it all the way through.  And I guess in fact we did... since it's now officially spring.  I love that our only trip to the dr this season has been once for ear pain... which turned out to be an eight year old's molars hurting rather than an ear infection!!

But now Savannah's out cold...

We walked in the door from a dr's appointment this afternoon and she apparently went straight upstairs and fell asleep.  This is how we found her at 6pm.  :(

She had a late softball game last night (played from 7:30-9pm).
She woke this morning complaining that her throat hurt a little, but considering allergy season is in full swing and she otherwise felt fine, I assured her it would be better as the day got on and she got up and going.
Well, she came home after school looking horribly tired and a little glazey eyed... again I thought it might be allergies combined with the late night.  She had a small snack and laid down on the couch whimpering that she was just. so. tired.  She told me they had to run a mile in class today and she was complaining about how hot and thirsty she still was.  I told her to get some juice and that she could go relax and watch tv for awhile in my bed upstairs.  On a hunch I grabbed the thermometer and followed her up to take her temp.  101.7  Hmm.
We ran in to the dr's office real quick (in just the nick of time as they won't check anyone in after 4:30... we walked in at 4:29!) as I fully expected a case of strep with that sudden fever.  She usually gets strep once each year.  No one had it this year so I assumed we were due.  But no, the strep test was negative and she was diagnosed with just a painful case of tonsillitis.  :(
Which is actually kind of a bummer as I was secretly hoping for meds to be sure she'd feel better by tomorrow evening... there's a third grade musical and she has a special speaking part.  She is freaking out that she might miss that.
So we're really praying she can sleep this fever off tonight and into tomorrow.

Not good timing on being sick all around... I have a dr's appointment to take the baby to in the morning and then a visit with her parents/grandparents followed by court at 1.  Not sure how we're going to juggle that as it seems Ryan has stuff in the morning he has to be at work for and I hate to have to drag SJ around not feeling well.  Boo.


Mom said...

Poor Savannah.Sure hope she is able to sleep it off. Praying for her and your busy day tomorrow! XOXOX

Avefenix79 said...

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