Thursday, January 19, 2012

ten things this thursday

House Stuff edition.

1. I've got most of the rest of the "house tour" written up, I just have to take all the rest of the pictures.  But I'm also in the midst of rearranging the living room; having had to rearrange for the kid Christmas tree we had in there got my wheels spinning again.  I seriously considered leaving that tree up all year.  Valentine tree anyone?  Because I like the way the rest of the room is, but now we [finally] took down the tree and I either need to move something back or find something else (new chair?) to fill that space. 

2. And I'm excited to get on to redoing (actually just doing in the first place!) our master bedroom.  So many ideas have been swirling around in my head -and on my pinterest boards- for so long now.  We've slowly and Craigslistly replaced all the furniture in there sans our bed, and last week I finally found the last piece to the puzzle which was the project I was most excited about, so I'm hoping we can get that wrapped up soon.  A few months back I finally found our duvet cover on Ebay... the one we saw in a store years ago and fell in love with and didn't buy and then it was discontinued so we were out of luck.  So I have that, but I'm still hunting for the perfect quilt/throw/something and pillows to go with it and make a pretty bed.  And drapes. 

3. Also, my mantle is bare since I took down my Christmas Tree collection this year.  I just haven't been wanting to put up the same old candles and stuff... I'm wanting it brightened up for spring already.  I have a picture in my head, but I can't seem to find it/make it.  So file that under the redecorating topic too I guess.

4. Speaking of decorating, can anyone tell me how to fit a giant metal dog crate into my decor??  We're about ready to move up to the bigger(biggest) crate for Tiny as she's been whacking her forehead on the doorway of the one we have (borrowed).  So I'm looking for a new one (and I don't know if you've ever priced giant dog crates, but we're talking $200+.  Ugh.  Luckily I found one on Craigslist for $135 I think we can snag) and dreading having to find a spot for it.  The one we have now is set up in the dining room and when we have people over and actually want to use the dining room for a nice dinner, we have moved her crate into the laundry room.  But it takes up the entire space in the laundry room. So I don't know what the heck to do with an even gianter one.  Yes, gianter is a word.  When you're talking about a crate that's almost 5' by 3' by 4' high?  That's gianter.

5. I'd actually really like to move the washer and dryer out to the garage and just have the laundry [closet]room be the dog's space, but Ryan's not too keen on that idea.  What costs more, having the laundry hookups moved out two more walls or to buy a giant crate?  A giant crate that we don't have a good out of the way place to put, I might add.

6. I don't really have ten things on the topic of house stuffs.

7. Unless you count laundry and dishes, in which case I have plenty to talk about.

8. Oh, remember those Nintendo chairs?  Ryan really wants some.  Problem is, most of them now are the new fandangled video game chairs with like speakers and game vibrations built in and such.  Yuck.  I just want nice, little, comfy, portable chairs.  For cheap.  So basically the actual old Nintendo rocker chairs.  That are actually 20yrs old.  And probably mauve.  They'd be cheap!

9. Speaking of old, I've been obsessed with old stuff lately... not only Craigslist, but antique and junk stores.  Since it's not really garage sale season. ;)  I spent over an hour wandering an antique mall yesterday.  I'm keeping my eye out for a bench, wood candlesticks, chairs to recover and metal, marquee-ish letters.  I'm looking forward to heading to the fairgrounds in a couple weeks for a big flea market.  Love that stuff!

10. I suppose I should stop dreaming about house stuff and actually go do something.  Unfortunately, putting away laundry isn't nearly as fun as imagining new projects.  Unless I can think up a way to convert an old dresser into a new laundry hamper system... ;)


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