Tuesday, January 10, 2012

gratuitous pictures of my kids' sports (and missing teeth)(and head wound)

Whew boy, what a weekend!

Sawyer got into this G.O.A.L. (get out and learn) program that the Predators team offers for kids 5-8years old.  It's basically a free(!!) four week session of learning to skate and hockey.  It's awesome and Sawyer is absolutely loving it.

He was SO excited to get out there.

He's only skated once in his life... three or four years ago when he was pretty much a toddler!  Needless to say, he started out literally flat on the ice.  And by the end of that first night he was skating around taking shots with the puck.  So fun to watch all those littles out there!!
You can see here some of the kids (Sawyer included; he's on the ground in the middle) sprawled out on the ice in the background... this is a "no skating experience necessary" class and they just padded the kids up and sent them out on the ice... 

Hilarious.  But awesome to watch them all gain their balance and their footing and figure out how to get themselves back up and moving.

I know Ryan got some good video of everything on ice, so I'll have to see if I can get it on here.

The kids both also had their first Upwards basketball/cheer games this weekend.  This is Sawyer's first time playing organized basketball and he is really enjoying it.  So fun to watch.

Savannah is a bit disappointed with the cheer squad... coming from the team she was with in STL, I can't say that I blame her.  It's completely disorganized and the "coach" has never done it before and it's painfully obvious she doesn't have a clue... which, just the socializing and the "team experience" would be fine... but Savannah (and I) knows how fun and impressive it can be from her experience with her squad two years ago, and this jumbled mess of girls boringly shaking their pompoms on the sidelines during the game is just not. 
It's laughable really.  If I don't think about the money I spent for her to be doing this. :/

Savannah was one of the most spirited cheerleaders out there. :)
I forgot to get a picture of both the kids together at any point, so I need to try and snap that next week.

In other big news of the weekend, Sawyer finally lost his first tooth!  Both his bottom ones have been loose for quite awhile, but the two new ones were coming in so far behind the first two that they weren't really motivated to fully evacuate.  We finally decided to pull them Saturday night, and after a few string attempts that Ryan gave up on, I finally popped one out of there.  And then Sawyer decided we'd save the other one for another time. ;)

You can see how much the permanent teeth have already grown in...

And lastly, with Sawyer apparently wanting to steal the spotlight all weekend, we had our first visit to urgent care for stitches on Sunday.  Yes, he made it through six years of not a stitch or broken bone and now one of those is struck from his record.  He was running around outside with some boys after church and somehow managed to run full speed, right into a thick metal window casing on the building.  Ryan and I were standing in (separate areas of) the lobby visiting with people when Ryan said a kid came in and told him Sawyer was bleeding.  Ryan kind of brushed him off and carried on his conversation thinking it was a scraped elbow or knee or something... and he's a tough kid.  Until Sawyer came walking around the corner with blood running down his face.  He scooped him up and carried him through the lobby full of people (trying not to get blood on anyone else in their Sunday best!) and into the bathroom.  Savannah came running to get me, hysterical and crying and honestly so freaked out I could hardly understand her.  She cried more and took ten times longer to calm down than Sawyer himself!  Luckily our pastor's wife is a nurse and she came in to help us get him cleaned up and assess the gash in his head.  We decided to take him in and they gave him a couple of stitches.  It was deep enough and long enough and while it only took two stitches, I'm glad there's something holding his skull in now!
(this pic was from this morning... the swellings mostly gone now and it's much easier to look at!)

He was brave... didn't hardly cry except for the lidocaine shots... that's when he wanted to go home!
But then he was good as new, all smiles and ready to still head over to our friends' house for lunch and eager to show off his new stitches.  (which I covered that day to keep from having to look at it!!)


Grandma Debbie said...

Sawyer's "cut" looked really awful when Ryan texted a photo of it before the stitches! Poor Sawyer, but he is really a trooper. When we first saw it, we thought it was a hockey injury. We are so glad he is ok now. So glad to see him in both hockey and basketball -- he looks so excited and happy! That is too bad about the cheer team in TN for Savannah -- we hope she still has fun and meets some new, really nice friends through it anyway! Love to both kids -- give them a big kiss and hug from us...

Nicole said...

Free hockey? That is awesome! Sounds like a great program!!

P is playing upward, too... and kind of has a situation that sounds like SJ's... his coach has never coached little kids so he pretty much looks like he's trying to wrangle cats out there LOL! I mean, not that I'd want to be trying to coach 9 kindergartners to play basketball anyhow... but still! Its a bummer sometimes to get someone inexperienced (or unorganized?) when you want your kids to have the best experience possible.

Sawyer's head... OUCH!!

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