Thursday, December 29, 2011

in between

Christmas lingers around our house. 
It's always hard to say goodbye to the extra joys of the season.  So we still have our tree up, still have our stockings (and goodies!) laying around and our new games in and out from under the tree.  And we haven’t done much around here lately.  Well, I take that back.  We’ve done plenty of playing and lounging and snacking and laughing and napping and well, more playing.  We've taken walks, we went to the movies, we took the kids swimming, we've had friends over to play.  Ryan's worked on the 4Runner, I've run a few errands.  We've just been enjoying our "in between" week.
I always feel a little out of sorts for the week between Christmas and New Years; like life isn’t quite normal until after that big ball drops.  The kids are home, Ryan's usually home, and real life is just kind of on pause for this week.
So we're just enjoying our time.
And getting ready for the New Year... planning for the dinner party, excited for houseguests.  :)

I do have pictures... and the deets of our gifts this year.  I'm excited to share them.  
Just maybe not till life gets back to "normal". ;)


Mom said...

Glad you are enjoying the week. I am in NO hurry to put Christmas behind me either..dont think boxes will come out of the attic till at least the following weekend.Very thankful for all the leftovers to enjoy. Waiting to hear when Tricia's big moving day will be.Can't wait to see all your pictures,but know that you have more important things on your agenda.XOXOXOXOXOXXO

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