Tuesday, January 3, 2012

chirstmas... only two(and almost a half) weeks late!

Whew...  I'm not even sure where to start, I feel like I'm so far behind in documenting around here!
I cannot believe we're already three days into the new year.
One more day til we're back to "normal".  Ryan went back to work this morning, but the kids have one more day off.  I think we might hit up the dollar movie theater again today.
I have lots to catch up on... Christmas and New Years and Year's End recaps and I want to document our gift projects this year and new projects I have in the works.  But that's just blogwise.  In "real life", after November being full of family in town and then December being full of holiday crazy, this house is a wreck.  I mean, it's (for the most part) clean and tidy as we've been entertaining a lot and I'm actually caught up on laundry (for once!), but as far as our closets and closed bedroom doors and the storage attic space??... Scary.  So I'm in need of some big time pull-everything-out-and-get-it-where-it-really-goes organizing.

But first things first... playing a little catch-up...
We had just a nice quiet Christmas here at home, just us.  A lazy morning, taking our time enjoying presents, snacking all day on the candy, apples and oranges in our stocking, making our homemade donuts and our favorite leftover ham Kings Sandwiches.

And I snapped maybe a handful of pictures.  And dark, grainy point and shoot pictures at that.
I suck.


Mom said...

I like,but more please,much more! XOX

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