Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas eve

The thought that's been most running through my head all day?...
I cannot believe it's Christmas Eve already.

We are so blessed and as excited as we are for this beautiful holiday, as many times as my own kids have said today, "I cannot WAIT for tomorrow!"... other kids have been on my mind. Kids who may not be with their moms or dads this Christmas... who may not have a "family" or any kind of a Christmas at all. Kids in foster care, kids in orphanages, kids on the streets. Kids who don't know joy, or peace or happiness. My heart is full of prayer for them this weekend. Such a beautiful holiday for us, while for so many it may not be and it humbles me to think of them.

We did a little baking this week which resulted in lots of goodies that we don't really need to actually consume around here. So we packaged some up tonight and piled into the car after dinner to deliver treats to various people... we ran some by Savannah's teacher's family who just moved into a new house around the corner from us, we went to two fire and police stations, dropped in a open all night gas station and gave some holiday cheer to the guy stuck working Christmas, and finally dropped our last package of goodies off with a corner Contributor guy.
I'd like to say it was a magical evening of glad tidings, comfort and joy, and that we were all uplifted, but in reality the time in between our stops was filled with siblings annoying each other in the car, fighting and a little parental yelling thrown in for good measure and I for one returned home feeling quite discouraged. I guess that's just the way it goes sometimes, you know?
Peace on earth, goodwill to men indeed.

I don't have a fabulously cute Christmas picture or an especially profound holiday sentiment to share, but here's the snapshot I slapped on our Christmas card and I will tell you that I am looking forward to these couple of days of nothing to do but Christmas... family time and new pj's and ham and fudge and donuts and gift giving and stocking stuffing and delivering more Christmas goodies to strangers and a twinkling tree and excited children and an obnoxious puppy and snuggles and new games and way, way, WAY too many cookies and The Christmas Story (no, not the movie) and the quiet peace of knowing the Real Reason for the season and relishing in the way that gift was given so many many years ago.

And we wish all the same for you and yours.
Merry Christmas!


Mom said...

Merry Christmas Morrisons! Love and miss you bunches!!! XOXOXOX

Mom said...

PS. And I agree,how can it be Christmas!It came TOO quickly! I hope yours is filled with ALL good things.(and that we still get a Christmas card!!)

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