Thursday, October 13, 2011

well this day isn't turning out as planned

Savannah's class had a scheduled "Read-In" today, the last day of school before Fall Break... no work, just reading. They were able to bring sleeping bags, bean bags, stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, whatever they wanted to be comfy, snacks and lots and lots to read. She had her snuggie ready with her pillow and her favorite animal and we even picked out two new books for her at Costco this week to go with a whole other stack she had ready to go. Savannah had been looking forward to and waiting for this day for at least a month.
Here's the pile she set out yesterday:

And the more she talked about it, the more I thought a "Read-In" sounded like a great idea too... and that I'd join in. I had decided to get whatever projects, housekeeping, errands done that I needed to do this week during the first half of the week and then take today "off" and just read. Do nothing but read all day. It didn't hurt that the weather forecast called for rain all day. A perfect, curl up with a book kind of day. Savannah was excited we would be doing the same thing all day! I was actually so excited too!
Here's the pile I was looking forward to:

And then 1 o'clock this morning rolls around.
Savannah comes into our room and tells me she can't sleep. I give her a hug and kiss and gently shoo her back to bed. I heard her go in and go to the bathroom. And then I heard her go back to her room.

And then I heard her start throwing up in the hallway.

This is where I'd like to point out that we had had spaghetti for dinner.
She ate a lot of it.
And threw up a lot of it.
She threw up in a big puddle right outside of her bedroom door.
And partially into a laundry basket full of yet-to-be-matched socks.

My kids tend to freak out a little when they throw up. Because they hardly ever throw up. I seriously can not remember the last time either of them were sick throwing up. I think it might have been actually over three years ago. Sawyer? Longer than that. So it freaks them out a little when it happens... like it's the first time ever.

We were up and down and up and down as she threw up five more times in the next four hours and then was finally able to get back to sleep at almost 6am.
Just in time for me to get up and get Sawyer ready for school and Ryan to get off to work!

Oh and fyi, cleaning spaghetti filled vomit out of carpet at 1:30 in the morning is not going on my list of things I like to do.

So instead of my relaxing, carefree, get lost in a book(s) day, I've been doing laundry, changing bedding, and washing down the kitchen where there were still dishes, pots and pans from dinner last night that still smelled like spaghetti, which to me now smells like vomit. Between that stuff, tending to a sickie and needing a nap myself, I'm ready to call a do over. What happened to my read-in?

Savannah's had a warm bath and is sleeping again now. I have dinner in the crockpot and have another load of laundry to change over. Maybe the afternoon will be more reading friendly and Sickie and I can curl up with our books together...


Nicole said...

OMG Spaghetti Vomit is the WORST. EWWW. YUCK. I hope your afternoon gets a little better and less vomity! Maybe you and SJ can have your own read-in? (What a great idea at school!!)

jenny said...

that is horrible on like multiple levels! ick! such a bummer you both had to miss out on your read-in's. i like nicole's idea of having your own. hope she is back to normal soon.

Anonymous said...

Those are the worst nights. Guaranteed no sleep! Savannah should talk to Taegen. Taegen could give her some tips. I swear Taegen can handle throwing up as well as any adult. Too much practice :(

Mom said...

Poor SJ and poor momma! I hope she is better by now,and that you two girls got a chance to cozy up and do some reading.Hope to talk to you both soon!

beanski said...

My girl did the same thing last night. Yuck. Now it's coming out the other end :) She told me she's going to "sit on the couch all day long." Hope everyone is feeling better.

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