Tuesday, October 18, 2011

fall break

I'm still not too sure about this idea of "Fall Break" every year around here, but like it or not we have a week (plus a day) off and whad'ya know, our week is off to a great start!

This past weekend the Robertsons came to visit us and needless to say, that's always a good time. The kids always play so, so well together and we always treasure the time to catch up with David and Amie. Great weekend with them.

Yesterday, to officially kick off our no school week, we joined some friends (nineteen kids and six adults!) in a trek out to Fall Creek Falls for some picnicking and hiking. It's a two hour drive out there and we carpooled and I ended up copiloting in a van with a new friend that I only previously had met with a Hello here and there at church. Suddenly we had five kids and four hours in a van together to jump start an acquaintance... ;) It was actually a great drive; the kids all did well and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this new friend. All in all, a fun lunch and an enjoyable hike and a fabulous day. And I do mean Day. We left our house at 8am and pulled back into our driveway at 8pm. Full, fun day.

Today is forecasted to be cooler and really rainy (although this morning the sun is shining and it looks like a beautiful day!) so we're planning on hitting up the dollar theater -with some of the same friends from yesterday- to see the Smurf movie.

Not much for plans for the rest of the week so far... I promised the kids we'd get out the Halloween/Fall decorations and I need to finish up a few projects around here. I'm also thinking it'd be nice to get the kids out somewhere and try to take some formal-ish pictures. Maybe for Christmas cards?? Then I'm hoping to finish off the week with friends over for dinner and then carving pumpkins with our neighbors.

Much different than last year's Fall Break, when we were still getting settled into a new house and new school and filled up this whole week off with a last minute trip to Oregon. Then getting home, getting sick, getting Halloween done and jumping right into hosting a birthday party. That was a crazy few weeks! I'm thankful this year that we're feeling so much more settled, and have a much more laid back season. We're still busy (field trip and fall parties next week)(Ryan's parents arriving for a visit)(Halloween costumes are ready to go)(birthday party mostly prepped) but feeling settled in our home and not flying across the country make all the difference! ;)

Happy Fall Y'all!


K.M.L said...

Glad this week is going to be less stressful! Have fun! :)

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