Monday, October 10, 2011

saturday, sunday, then comes monday


I've been sleeping terribly. Really vivid dreams every night, with lots of tossing and turning. And waking up feeling like I really didn't sleep at all. Ugh.

Bought a dresser off of Craigslist yesterday. First step to our master bedroom re-do, yay!

Also finally got rid of the extra washing machine that's been sitting in our garage for the past year. And the extra vehicle. Towed it over to Ryan's friend's house where he's going to help him replace the transmission. They're manly excited about this project. I'm just excited that we have garage space back now. :)

I'm wading through some deskwork this morning... cleaning up and sorting files, pictures and making up birthday invitations. The view from our desk overlooks the front yard... and the street. As I'm working here all morning I'm watching and listening to the landscaping crews come and do everyone else's yard. And cleaning services come and clean everyone else's house. Sigh.
Have I mentioned we don't really fit in in this neighborhood?

We went for a little hike around a lake yesterday and collected hiking sticks. We'll clean them up and smooth them out and yay for free birthday party favors!!

The weather has been so amazing the past few weeks... typically perfect Tennessee fall weather I think. Daytime highs in the low 80's, nighttimes in the 50's, gorgeous sunny days and no rain at all. We've been trying to get to parks and playgrounds, -hence the hiking yesterday-, and go bike riding often, as I've been feeling bad that the kids can't take advantage of this beautiful weather and play in our yard. This is the time of year they should be out there all day long, but with our infant-stage lawns, trying to nurture new grass, we can't really use our yard this season. So frustrating. But hopefully it'll pay off with a beautifully soft green lawn next spring!
In the meantime, they hop the fence and play with the puppy next door!


Mom said...

Sorry you are not sleeping.Need to figure out what's going on there. Sleep is a MUST! Yay for Craigslist AND garage space!Can't wait to see pictures of the finished project(no rush) and the birhday hike!Wish we has some of that Tennessee weather."Sigh", this is Oregon. XOXOXOXO

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