Monday, October 24, 2011

smiley faces

It's been a long week and half since I've had a quiet house. And a quiet house to myself at that.

It was a good weekend. Ryan and I were going over it last night in bed, a "what was your favorite part" kind of rehashing we usually do, and while I was just "meh" because I was just tired and had a headache and was feeling blech, Ryan listed off the whole slew of good things we had this weekend...

A zoo trip with an extra kid tagging along and perfectly beautiful weather. : )
A birthday party Friday night, had a great time hanging out with our friends and their family and randomly met another family who live very close to us, just moved here three years ago from Oregon and turns out the guy graduated high school the same year as Ryan, played soccer and ran in essentially the same circles as us. Crazy! : )
Saturday morning, a perfect day for soccer games and the kids were awesome; Savannah scored a goal!!! That's huge news people! : )
And Sawyer scored four, but that's pretty typical. ; )
Lunch at Costco. That's always a favorite weekend activity for us. ; )
And we came home from Costco with a pumpkin cheesecake. : ) : ) : )
The Ducks won. : )
We have enough of a lawn now that Ryan actually mowed it. : )
I finally finished recovering our ten-year-old diy storage ottoman. : )
Our house is clean. : )
I made cookies. : )
Ryan made some progress on Operation 4Runner. : )
We had friends over for dinner. Always love that. : )
I won when we all played Carcassonne. ; )
(okay, Ryan didn't list off that last one, but I threw in in there!)

We did finish off our fall break off with a bang... a description pretty accurate considering the volume of our house last night as we had our friends over for dinner and games. Friends with five kids... four of which are boys... the fifth of which is in fact a girl (Sawyer's best bud at school) but is as much of a loud rambunctious tomboy as any of her older brothers. Oh my loud and crazy. But fun. Really, really fun. : )

I went to bed with a headache after they left and it's still lingering this morning. Not. A. Fan. I'm heading over to the school in about an hour to do a pumpkin patch field trip with Sawyer's kindergarten class. Thankfully I'm not riding the bus with them ;)

My upcoming week consists of laundry, meal planning for our "gluten free" week next week (Ryan's mom is coming to stay with us), pulling out shoes from our bins of kids clothes in storage (Sawyer's doing a shoe donation drive in lieu of birthday presents at his hiking party. get it? hiking party? giving shoes to kids who need them? he -sort of- came up with that himself! i love it!), and making sure everything is in order for the big birthday party.

Also- I will snap some pictures and continue on with the big house tour. In fact, that's on the agenda as soon as I get back from the school today.

In the meantime, what made you smile this past weekend?


Mom said...

Blue skies,laundry on the clothesline,a fluffy kitty trying to play "tag" with a much bigger jack russel,talking to SJ on the phone,another trip to the symphony and a special Worship service Sunday night. That's what made me smile.Knowing you had such a nice weekend, put another smile on my face this morning. Good luck with that menu...doesn't sound like much fun,but I am sure it will be very much appreciated.XOXOXOXO

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