Thursday, September 29, 2011

ten things for thursday

1. I slept over nine hours last night. Crazy. But good. :)

2. Feeling much better today.

3. And much more accomplished... I trimmed all the bushes in the front yard, watered, and got back inside and painted all the trim in the laundry room already.

4. It's not even 10am yet!

5. I cannot wait for the weekend. It's been one of those weeks where we have had something going on every single evening and feels like we haven't been home at all. We still have soccer tonight, a seminar at church plus a birthday party Friday evening and then soccer first thing Saturday morning, but then nothing else planned the whole entire weekend. So looking forward to that!

6. I broke out a little fall decor this week. I'm usually not one to sweep summer under the rug too quickly and don't normally break out the real fall-ishness around here until October, but despite our sunny almost eighty degree days, the mornings and evenings have been cool and crisp and very fall like and I've just been feeling ready for the season change lately. I bought mums for the front steps and put an autumny wreath by the front door. Starting slow. :)

7. Speaking of October, how on earth can it be here this week already!??!

8. Which means I really need to get on the ball with the kids and their Halloween costumes.

9. And a six year old birthday party.

10. And Christmas gifts. ;)

What are ten things that come to your mind this Thursday?


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