Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wed nes day

What I wanted to get done today:
  • walk with friend
  • paint trim in laundry room
  • paint walls in laundry room
  • lay new floor in laundry room
  • clean kitchen
  • make dinner

What I actually got done today:
  • walked with friend
  • stopped by Lowe's to get a new sprinkler
  • spent a total of about three hours methodically watering our whole yard (we had all the lawn in our front, back and side yards killed off, raked up, aerated and seeded so now we need to keep it damp but not too wet with a gentle sprinkling and no pooling.)(of course we've had a surprising amount of rain in the last few weeks, but now we get our seed down and have eighty degree days with no rain in sight. suffice to say, it's not a quick or easy job keeping a decent sized yard -which is basically just dirt, hence mud- damp but not too wet on a sunny day.)(I am now taking donations for an in-ground irrigation system.)
  • cleaned laundry room baseboards, doors and floor. took much longer than anticipated.
  • tried to take a 40 minute nap in efforts to get rid of this ugly headache I've already had all day before the kids got off the bus.
Now kids are home, they haven't stopped bickering since they walked in the door, the house is a wreck and I'm thinking take-out sounds reeeeallly good.
In short, this Wednesday day has left me daunted by our mudpit of a yard, discouraged with the lack of progress on painting, perturbed by the mess my house is in, irritated with this stupid headache I can't get rid of and with not much patience left for my kids.
I wouldn't mind ending this day already.
Maybe I'll send Ryan to our small group meeting with the kids without me and I'll just take a hot bath and go to bed.

Happy Hump Day... weekend, come quickly. Please


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