Friday, September 30, 2011

of caricatures, vinyl and doorknobs

Those three things don't really have anything in common, but I'm throwing them together anyway.
I'm just plugging away at my to-do list around here today... trying to get the house in order before the weekend is officially here so we can spend most of it just relaxing.

We finished painting the laundry closet room yesterday, and I spent my morning laying down a new stick-on vinyl tile floor in there. The majority of our main floor is maple hardwood and the bathrooms are tile, but for some reason the laundry room, which adjoins the hardwood floored kitchen, was done in cheap white linoleum. It's bugged me from day one as it's visible from the main part of our home and butts right up against the hardwood making the cheap dingyness even more obvious. Knowing we were painting in there I decided to change it up while we had the washer and dryer out of the way. I grabbed a few boxes of stick on vinyl tiles in a "wood" finish with a herringbone-ish pattern. Yes it's obvious it's not real wood, but at least it's the same color and finish as the adjoining real wood floor. Much better I think!

I'm also spending my day spray painting doorknobs and hinges. :) We have the cheapo brass knobs on our all doors and while we replaced all the exterior locks ( and knobs) when we moved in and put in nice, solid, oil rubbed bronze handles on those doors, these few more shiny brassy ones have been taunting me ever since. I did the hinges in the laundry room on the garage door because that doorknob had been changed and the hinges had previously been painted over and looked terrible. A quick spray of oil rubbed bronze spraypaint worked wonders. Once I did those and realized how simple it was, I did the laundry room-to-kitchen door. And that leaves only three more doors in our main floor so those doorknobs will all get a turn with the can of spray paint today. I'm not tackling the upstairs doors today... or anytime soon. There are 12 doorknobs (making that 36 hinges) up there, so that'll be a job. But I'm excited about the difference this one little thing makes. I know, I'm crazy. :)

And last but not least, the Caricatures. Just wanted to share these real quick 'cuz they make me smile. Our closest Chik-fil-A restaurant has family night every Tuesday (with free kids meals and free ice cream!) and each week they have a fun entertainer/activity for the kids (also for free!). Usually it's face painting or airbrush tatoos or balloon animals (and the balloon guy is AMAZING!). There has also been a singer and a comedian/entertainer. This last week there was a guy doing Caricatures. He asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grow up/in the picture and here's what our kids came back to our table with:
(you can click on them to see them larger)

Love them! I was watching Sawyer sit for his and this guy caught the exact sideways half-smirk Sawyer had on his face.
I told Savannah she looks like Brooke Shields in hers. ;)

Happy Friday all!


Mom said...

I have to agree with you ...the caricatures are great!I have also seen the resemblance to Brooke Sheilds,even before these pics. Hope the kids love 'em too. What fun!But I can't help but wonder,what will YOU do when there is nothing left to paint or redo ???? :0) XOXOXOXOXO

Nicole said...

oh my goodness those are great! How neat! When I saw your post in Google reader I had skimmed it and didn't realize it was yours. When I saw the pics I was like... Who are those people? Savannah looked waaay too old. Then I saw their naames and totally saw the resemblance's. And I agree... she does look like Brooke Shields in the caricature. So fun. :)

Jenn Eisenzimmer said...

Way to keep checking things off the to-do list! I love all the projects you're doing and can't wait to see your home next time we visit- it's not going to look the same!! You're inspiring me to get moving around here more :)

LOVE the caricatures :) Savannah, you're such a beauty. Hope you find a fun way to display them in their rooms or something (you probably already have!)- those are keepers!


PS- Savannah better not be looking that old hasn't even been a year since we last saw you!! :(

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