Wednesday, August 10, 2011

whats on this week

on the list:

on our flowers:

on the couch:

on a lunch date:

on a moonwalk:

What's on your where you are today?


Nicole said...

Ahh I was going to join in today but I had a really crummy day and didn't take many pics... and couldn't muster up the effort to find things "on". Simple, duh, but I just couldn't do it HAHA! Next week! Well... next week we'll be camping but maybe I can post from my blog?

heather said...

i don't always really take these on wednesday... i try, but sometimes good ones just pop up other days. three of these pics are from earlier in the week this time ;)
my main objective is to just be more intentional about capturing the little randoms of our life right now, whenever they happen during the week :)

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