Wednesday, August 3, 2011

whats on this week

I've had a ton of fun doing these little "what's on..." posts I've been doing the last few weeks. It's been an easy way to capture little snippets of our days when a whole post on pudding pops, for example, isn't necessary. And using the "what's on..." idea can be used in lots of different ways; I can show off a project or a new thing around the house, I can snap a picture of what's for dinner, I can capture things we're doing or people we're with, things that are on my lists or our calendars... but to phrase it and picture it in a "what's on" point of view sometimes takes a little creativity. With the added bonus of snapping those every day pictures is in there too. :)
So I'm going to continue this new habit, every Wednesday. What's on Wednesdays.
I'll put a spot for links on below too... in case anyone wants to join in the fun and we can see what's on yours... ;)

Here's what's been on my weekly posts so far if you've missed it and you're curious.

And here's What's On around here today...

on the lawn:

on the table:

on the bed:

on the nails:

on the dashboard:

What's on yours this week?


K.M.L said...

I'm excited for this! Need to post once the kiddos are in bed! :)

Nicole said...

I am going to try to do this as well. Neat idea! :)

Nicole said...

next week, that is.

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