Thursday, August 11, 2011

first day

First off, I have got to say that I cannot believe it's been a whole year and we're here again.
The First Day of School... and this time with two kids!!

Sawyer was a little bit anti-school earlier this week; I think a combination of not wanting the lazy summer to end and the uncertainty of starting at a new, big school. But we got class assignments yesterday and met his teacher and saw his classroom last night and from the moment we stepped in there, he was sold! Nothing but excitement from that point on.

The kids had a great morning. They were up and dressed (our school dress code is not strictly khaki and white, but if you know my kids lately, they had to make a point of matching each other today of course!) first thing and were so excited they could hardly stop talking and eat their breakfasts. They were all smiles and excitement.
Until I alerted them that it was time for pictures of course.

Introducing... the First day of Third Grade:

she looks entirely too grown up to me today. :(

And the big boy's first day of Kindergarten:

okay, him too. this needs to stop.

And they're off...

And just like that, our boy is officially a kindergartener...

Oh, and after we dropped the kids off, Ryan and I went out to breakfast. Alone.
So this is what it's like to not have kids at home with you all day... ;)


K.M.L said...

They DO look so grown up! Wow! Hope you have a fun first day too! Can't wait to hear all about their first day as well. :)

Mom said...

Super cute,so glad you "make" your kids suffer thru the pictures. Grandmas need those you know! XOXOXOX

Mom said...

I like that you and Ryan have made a little more time for each other!

Anonymous said...

They are adorable! Savannah does look really grown up.

Nicole said...

Awww! They do look SO old! How can it be? I love SJ's little ballet flats. CUTE! :) Do they make them in my size? HAHA!

It cracks me up that they dress the same. Hilarious! I thought you guys had a serious dress code or maybe were at a private school LOL!

Nicole said...

Ahem... but you know, I wouldn't really mind a dress code. Sure wish public schools would adopt it. It would make picking out clothes for school SO much easier!

heather said...

we are at public school and we do have a dress code, but it's pretty flexible...
they can wear navy or khaki bottoms (no cargo and no jeans) and any solid colored collared button-up shirt. no stripes or designs, just plain solid colors. i like it :)

grandma debbie said...

So cute and so grown-up looking! They look very excited! Uniforms have come a long way since the time Ryan and Holly had to wear them -- they are adorable. I am looking forward to the after school reports later today!
Love, Grandma Debbie

beanski said...

so cute! love savannah's belt and ballet slippers :)

enjoy your freedom!

anne said...

Wow, what an exciting and emotional day for you! It's fun reading this because my kids will be spaced out the same way, K & 3rd grade. It's crazy to think one day they'll be this big!

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