Monday, June 20, 2011

this is what its all about...

here's (part of) our calendar for this summer:

H Family staying w/us 12th-15th
M Family staying w/ us June 18th-19th
LH staying w/ us June 24th-25th
M Family staying w/ us June 25th-26th
R Family staying w/ us June 30th- July 1st

L Family staying w/ us July 2nd-5th
[Nic and LA, I have just enough room for you to book in here somewhere?!!] ;)
G Family staying w/ us July 15th-31st

B Family staying w/ us first week of August
[and then school starts August 11]


C Family staying w/ us in September, S Family coming in October, and G Family again at the end of November.

(and that' just people staying here with us. not taking into account things we're doing/places we're going!!)

Some people might think we're crazy.
(especially this summer)
But I love it. :)

I love that we have the space and the means and the desire to fill our house... to fill empty beds and empty plates and host friends and family who either need or want a place to stay with us. I love that my kids get a chance to practice hospitality (and practice and practice and practice) and what it means to serve others. I love that we get to spend time with all these people -even people we don't know all that well- and get to share even just a bit of our life with them. I love that they take time out of their busy life (or their busy vacation!) to stop and relax and be here with us for even just a meal.
I love it.


Mom said...

That is a VERY full calendar. I am glad you love it.But if it does ever get to be too much,I hope you will honestly be able to say...sorry. XOXO

Tennille said...

Heather! I like how colorful your blog is. I'm new to blogging so I like to see what other people are doing.

KimBerly said...

Busy busy busy girl!

K.M.L said...

love it!!!!!!!!

LeeAnn Howard said...

Love this!! I even took a pic of it while there, for some inspiration! lol! Hoping Nic and I can make a trip down there. :)

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