Tuesday, June 21, 2011

hello summer

Today, as summer starts, I am...
gray tank, teal tee, jean shorts and bare feet
playing: lots and lots of Drop7. So. Addicted. It's not even funny.
wanting: a baby in our house
needing: to make dentist appts for all of us
eating: no carbs. boo.
drinking: too much diet coke and not enough water
enjoying: a standing date with my book for an hour during swimming each day
not enjoying: the thunderstorms during swimming lessons every day... you know, cuz it's interrupting my book date!
daydreaming: of a nice patio to enjoy on these summer evenings
anticipating: a trip to the beach in July :)

Hello First Day of Summer...
what are you up to? :)


KimBerly said...

Good list. Not sure what drop7 is. I will have to check it out.

Mom said...

Our first day of summer actually felt like summer,FINALLY!! We have WAY to many "projects" that need to get done. We are SO looking forward to the beach though! Just one short month away! Yippppeeee!

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